1 painful farewell in YRKKH Abhinav last meet

1 painful farewell in YRKKH Abhinav last meet

1 painful farewell in YRKKH Abhinav’s last meet. YRKKH 13th August 2023 Full Written Update. Akshara makes the party plans with Abhir. She isn’t able to accept the reality. She tells him that they are coming home. She asks Abhinav to get well soon, then they will go home to Abhir. The family feels terrible seeing Akshara’s condition. Abhimanyu wants updates about Abhinav. He asks the inspector to find out about Abhinav. Manish tells Akshara that Abhinav has left them. Akshara tells that he is sleeping and acting to trouble them. She tells jokes to make him react. He asks her to face the reality. She asks him not to say that. He asks her to check his heartbeat and pulse. She asks him not to joke. Manish and Kairav ask Akshara to come with them.

Akshara cries about getting away from Abhinav. Akshara is forced to see reality. She tells that she can’t live without Abhinav and Abhir needs his father. Aarohi asks her to be strong and face the truth. Suhasini assists the kids in the party preparations. Surekha informs her about Abhinav’s death. Suhasini breaks down. The family cries for Abhinav. Abhimanyu gets worried when Manjiri comes to meet him and breaks into tears. He enquires about Abhinav. She tells that Abhinav left them. Abhimanyu receives a big bolt. Goenkas do the painful rituals of washing off Akshara’s sindoor. They worry about seeing Abhir and Ruhi. They hide the truth from the kids.


Abhir asks about Abhinav. Aarohi tells that she understands this pain and Akshara has to fight this alone. Surekha tells that Akshara will have to keep this pain all their life. Aarohi has gone through it after Neil’s loss. Akshara gets reminded of Abhinav when she enters her room. She breaks down. The elders hide the sorrow from Abhir. The kids rush with the party preparations. Muskaan imagines Abhinav who encourages her to cope with his loss and move ahead in life. Manish also imagines Abhinav, who resides in his heart. The loved ones get to see Abhinav assuring them that he will fix everything. They miss him deeply. He thanks the family for giving him so much love. They cry seeing him depart. Akshara gets revengeful against Abhimanyu and wants to get him punished. Abhir and Ruhi get the shocking news of Abhinav’s death.


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