Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2023 Written Update New start

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2023 Written Update New start

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2023 Written Update New start. Virender meets Rishi and thanks him for saving him from making a big mistake. He is grateful to Rishi that Lakshmi’s marriage stopped and Rishi exposed Vikrant’s truth in time. Rishi tells that he is also at fault, he had selected Vikrant and wanted the marriage to happen. He wants Lakshmi’s happiness. He knows Virender loves Lakshmi a lot and wanted her happiness. He regrets that Virender didn’t believe him. He has no complaints. He tells that he is happy. Virender tells that he loves Rishi and Lakshmi equally. He calls them his heart and heartbeat. Rishi hugs him. Ayush enters the room and finds them happy. He also hugs them. He jumps into Rishi’s lap. Rishi feels hurt and drops him. Ayush tells that his face is glowing. Rishi asks if is he in love. Ayush asks him to stop teasing him by Shalu’s name. Rishi tells that he didn’t take Shalu’s name.

Ayush tells that he is going to attend a meeting on Rishi’s behalf. Virender is proud of them and apologizes for not believing them before. Ayush tells that they can’t let wrong happen to Lakshmi. Rishi praises Lakshmi who never thinks for herself. Virender tells that he is thankful to them for saving the family from disgrace. Rishi slaps Ayush and asks him why is his face glowing. Ayush tells that he has a good sleep because Lakshmi is safe. Rishi is also very happy. Karishma tells Dadi that Neelam appeared unwell. Dadi tells that Lakshmi has already given the breakfast and medicines to Neelam. Virender and Ayush join the family for breakfast.


Malishka asks Karishma to speak to everyone about sending Lakshmi away from the house. Shalu and Ayush meet at a café to discuss Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush asks her why did she call him on a romantic date. She asks him if he has thought of something. He tells that he has thought a lot for them. She stares at him. He asks the topic. She tells that they have to unite Rishi and Lakshmi before any third person comes between them. He tells that he won’t let anyone come between Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka asks Karishma to oust Lakshmi from the house as soon as possible. Ayush tells that nobody can separate Rishi and Lakshmi.

Shalu tells that Rishi isn’t safe from Malishka. Karishma refuses to talk to the family. Ayush tells Shalu that Rishi and Lakshmi are blessed ones. She tells that Malishka is Neelam and Karishma’s favorite and won’t go away easily. He tells that he will make Malishka out of Rishi’s life. She asks him to stop Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Malishka asks Karishma why won’t she talk to the family. Karishma tells that Rishi shouldn’t stop Lakshmi from leaving. Malishka wants to marry Rishi. Karishma tells that Malishka will marry Rishi and Lakshmi will leave the house. She wants to make a different plan. She reminds Rishi’s words. Shalu asks Ayush to think of something soon. Ayush tells Shalu that they should plan and get Rishi and Lakshmi married.

Karishma tells Malishka that they should plan to get Rishi and Malishka married, then Lakshmi will leave on her own. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi’s sorrow. Dadi reaches him and finds him thinking of Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi for tortured because of Vikrant. He wants to meet Lakshmi and apologize to her. Dadi blesses him to be happy. She wishes Rishi and Lakshmi to unite. Rishi meets Lakshmi. She asks him to take a rest in his room. Rishi tells that he wanted to apologize to her because he selected Vikrant for her. He feels guilty. He promises her that he will not do anything that hurts her. He asks her to smile.

She smiles and asks him to go to his room. He asks her if she has forgiven him. She tells that she has forgiven him. He thanks him. He gets hurt. She scolds him and cares for him. Kiran finds them together. She gets angry with Lakshmi. Rishi argues with Kiran and defends Lakshmi. He calls Lakshmi his savior. He tells that Malishka has done nothing for him. Kiran offers money to Lakshmi and asks her to just leave the house. She asks Lakshmi what she wants and by which right is she staying in the house. She insults Lakshmi. Dadi steps inside to defend Lakshmi. Dadi scolds Kiran for stooping so low and insulting Lakshmi. She warns Kiran against hurting Lakshmi’s sentiments.


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