Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2023 Written Update Palki’s makeover

Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2023 Written Update Palki's makeover

Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2023 Written Update Palki’s makeover. Karan tells Bani that Preeta used to trouble him a lot, and he wishes she was with him. He misses Preeta a lot. He tells that he wants Preeta to come back home. Bani asks him not to get sad and feel Preeta in their hearts. Rishabh tells Karan that Preeta is away from him and she will come back to him. He adds that Karan is missing Preeta because she isn’t with them. He wants Karan to remember Preeta and share his feelings. He wishes to see Karan’s smiling face which gives them peace. He adds that Preeta resides in their heart. Bani and Rishabh cheer up Karan. Karan tells Bani that it’s a promise, he will bring Preeta home.

Bani wants this miracle to happen. She tells that she also wants Preeta back. Karan wonders if Preeta misses him. Shrishti asks Preeta what is she thinking. Preeta tells that she is worried about a strange feeling affecting her mind. She asks Shrishti how is Karan related to her. She tells that she gets many thoughts of Karan. She feels it isn’t a good thing. She wants to distract her mind. Shrishti thinks Karan is Preeta’s husband and love, and their relationship is connected to her soul. Preeta tells that she always thinks of Karan and doesn’t know the reason. She shares that she feels Karan is calling her.


Shrishti pacifies her by making a story to convince her. Preeta tells that she has no control over her mind. Shrishti tells that Preeta can think of Rajveer or her. She makes Preeta smile. Khurana tells Daljeet that he has dropped Mahi at the train station. Shanaya asks Palki to wear good clothes. She feels Palki needs a makeover. Palki tells the family about attending Bani at the Luthra house. Shanaya tells them that Rakhi asked her to design Kavya’s wedding clothes. She tells Palki that Kavya is her friend now. Palki asks Shanaya if she will make her sister away. Shanaya tells that she will give her a makeover. Palki keeps a condition.

She asks Shanaya to visit the temple with her. Shanaya agrees. Palki is surprised. Kavya asks Rishabh and Rakhi where are they going. Rishabh asks Rakhi not to disclose anything. Shaurya and Nidhi watch the family drama. Mahesh asks Rakhi to share the matter. Karan asks them what is going on. Kavya tells that Rishabh and Rakhi are going out. Karan tells that they are going to buy a gift for Kavya to applaud her for saving Rajveer. Rakhi tells that she knows the truth. Karan asks if he doesn’t know anything. Rishabh tells that they just need an occasion to give a gift to Kavya. Karan asks him to get a gift for Kavya from his side also. He asks Shaurya to join the family.

Shaurya goes to them. Mahesh tells Shaurya that he is proud of him. He adds that the entire family loves Shaurya a lot. He is glad to see Shaurya’s hard work. Shaurya tells that he invited his friends home for lunch. Karan and Mahesh ask him to enjoy his day. Nidhi wants her grip strong on the family. She tells that she will fight Preeta and not leave her place. Shanaya gives a makeover to Palki. Daljeet and Khurana like Palki’s new look. They compliment Palki. Daljeet wants Palki to marry a rich household. She is very happy for her daughters. Rishabh asks Karan to enjoy the weekend with the family. They share laughter. Karan tells that they both aren’t lucky when it comes to getting true love and a life partner.


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