1 new Promo Kumkum Bhagya Kundali makes a difference

1 new Promo Kumkum Bhagya Kundali makes a difference

1 new Promo Kumkum Bhagya Kundali makes a difference. The distance brings the heart closer. Ranbir is tired of Rhea’s drama in his engagement with Mihika. He gets overdrunk. He angrily breaks a glass. He expresses his emotions in front of Prachi. He tells that he never got true love in his life and she never valued his love. He blames her for understanding his emotions and feelings. He tells that she doesn’t care for him. Akshay is shocked to overhear their conversation. He learns that Ranbir is Prachi’s ex. Rhea hires a goon to get Mihika kidnapped. She asks him not to make any mistake. He tells her that he tries to meet her again and again because he loves her. Prachi is stunned and replies that she loves him too. Ranbir and Prachi shower their love on each other. Will they unite?

On the other hand, Nidhi pushes Preeta towards death. She plots Preeta’s deadly accident. Shrishti and Preeta visit the temple, where a car suddenly hits Preeta and flees. Shrishti attends Preeta. Karan happens to reach the temple at the same time and sees the crowd around a woman. Coincidentally, he gets to see Shrishti and Preeta there. He gets worried for Preeta.



Aradhna learns that Malini is her real mother. She is stunned to see Malini with her daughters. She can’t believe that her mother has abandoned her. She tells her story to Malini and tells that she came to Dehradun to find her mother. She tells how her mother has abandoned her. Malini feels guilty and recalls how she left her daughter. She doesn’t know that Aradhna is her daughter. Aradhna questions Malini how can a mother leave her child. Malini can’t tell the big secret to anyone. Reyansh meets Aradhna and apologizes to her for the wrong he did. He regrets to defame her and snatch her family. He stays by her in her quest to find her mother. Malini misses her daughter a lot, but had no idea that Aradhna is the one. Aradhna longs for Malini’s love. Malini treats her like a daughter and blesses her. Aradhna wants her answers and acceptance from Malini.


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