2 Upcoming Bhagya Lakshmi Kundali Bhagya Weekend Special

2 Upcoming Bhagya Lakshmi Kundali Bhagya Weekend Special

2 Upcoming Bhagya Lakshmi Kundali Bhagya Weekend Special. Dadi reads Lakshmi’s letter. She informs the family that Lakshmi left the house. Rishi is shocked. Shalu tells that Lakshmi wants to break her relationship with Rishi and his family. Neelam tells Rishi that it’s good Lakshmi left and now she will never come back in the house. She doesn’t want to allow Lakshmi back in the house. Ayush blames Malishka for insulting Lakshmi and ousting her. He tells that she must have done something and forced Lakshmi to leave the house. Malishka denies knowing anything about Lakshmi.

Rishi tells that if Lakshmi left because of Malishka, then he will not spare Malishka. He adds that if Malishka isn’t the reason, then someone else would be the reason. Neelam and Karishma worry when Rishi asks them not to stop him from bringing Lakshmi home. He tells that he won’t even listen to Lakshmi if she asks him to stop. He tells that he will get Lakshmi home at any cost. Neelam is shocked. Malishka tries hard to stop Rishi. Rishi heads to meet Lakshmi at Rano’s house, while Lakshmi has gone to hunt for jobs. Will Rishi convince Lakshmi and bring her home? Stay tuned.


Kundali Bhagya:

Shaurya and Sandy have a talk. Shanaya intentionally falls into Shaurya’s arms. She tries to charm him with her beauty. Shaurya holds Shanaya. Palki asks Rajveer to take her on a date. He agrees to take her. She tells that if he listens to her, then he can take her out tonight. Shambhu informs Nidhi about Preeta. Nidhi tells that Preeta will soon die. She adds that she will come there and watch Preeta dying. Preeta meets with a big accident when she visits the temple. Shrishti and Karan witness the accident and get worried for Preeta. Will this accident bring Karan and Preeta together? Keep reading.


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