Anupama 19th August 2023 Written Update Pakhi’s chapter

Anupama 19th August 2023 Written Update Pakhi's chapter

Anupama 19th August 2023 Written Update Pakhi’s chapter. Vanraj asks Samar to make up to Dimpy. Leela asks Kavya where is she going. Kavya tells that she has to go for sonography. Leela tells that she should take Vanraj along with her. Paritosh suggests Vanraj should go with Kavya. Vanraj is upset. His behavior makes Leela suspicious. He asks Kavya to drive the car and leave. They ask him why doesn’t he want to go with Kavya. Vanraj tells that it’s his wish and he doesn’t want to go. Kinjal meets Dimpy to give her a piece of advice. She asks her not to make Samar away from herself while attempting to make him away from his family. She asks Dimpy to mend her ways. Anupama arrives home and finds Leela questioning Vanraj and Kavya.

Leela tells Anupama that Vanraj and Kavya are upset with each other and their fights can focus on the baby. Anupama asks Vanraj to think about the baby. Vanraj asks why should he think about the baby. Anupama signs him to be quiet. Leela asks what is he saying. She tells that he is the baby’s father. Vanraj angrily reveals that Anirudh has fathered Kavya’s child. Hasmukh asks did he lose his mind. Vanraj tells that Kavya told him the truth. Leela fumes in anger. Kavya gets scared. Leela goes to slap her. Anupama stops Leela. Leela asks her if she knew the truth. Anupama tells that it’s Vanraj and Kavya’s personal matter.


Leela tells that it’s a family matter. She wants to decide and oust Kavya from the house. She throws out Kavya from the house. Vanraj imagines the outcome. He realizes that he was just imagining the moment. He tells Hasmukh that he has important work and can’t accompany Kavya. Kavya tells Leela that she will go. She doesn’t want to trouble the family. She can’t see the family worried. She wishes he tells the truth to them. Vanraj can’t tell them the truth. He wonders what’s stopping him. Anuj and Anupama have a sweet romantic scene. They are glad to be together. He thanks her for handling Romil well. He is sure that she will explain Ankush and Barkha.

Pakhi gets ready for the office. She is very happy and positive about the new start. Anuj tells Anupama that he will take Pakhi along. Adhik gets jealous seeing Pakhi. Anuj wants Adhik and Barkha to realize their mistake and change themselves. He knows Pakhi will learn and handle the project. Pakhi asks Adhik not to fight with her. She wants to work with him in the office. Adhik initiates a big fight and yells at her for insulting him. He misunderstands her. Anupama stays busy with Anu. Pakhi and Adhik get into a heated argument. He asks her to stop insulting Barkha and him. Pakhi tells that they have made mistakes and upset Anuj. She asks Adhik to see his mistakes. She doesn’t want him to act like a victim. She asks him to accept his mistake and apologize to Anuj. Romil watches their huge fight.

He gets angered seeing Adhik’s bad behavior. He tells that Pakhi and Adhik are a toxic couple. He thinks to tell Anupama and make her watch the fight. He tells Anupama that he found Pakhi tense. He asks her to check on Pakhi once. He sends Anupama to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi tells that she is tolerating everything because of love. She asks Adhik to reform. She calls him an opportunist like Barkha. Adhik angrily slaps her. Anupama watches this in shock and shouts at Adhik. She encourages Pakhi to get against Adhik’s misbehavior.


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