YRKKH 19th August 2023 Written Update Abhi’s gift

YRKKH 19th August 2023 Written Update Abhi's gift

YRKKH 19th August 2023 Written Update Abhi’s gift. Akshara doesn’t know what Abhir overheard. She worries for Abhir and goes to him. Abhir cries for Abhinav. He wakes up in the morning. He finds the room decorated. He sees Akshara. He likes her surprise. Abhimanyu calls Abhir and speaks to him. He wants to know if Abhir is okay. Akshara thinks Abhir didn’t hear the truth about Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu feels sorry. Abhir questions him and wants to know why he has killed Abhinav. He tells that he was wrong to regard Abhimanyu as a superhero and protector of his family. He misunderstands Abhimanyu. He develops a hatred for Abhimanyu, knowing the latter has snatched his father.

He tells that he hates him and will never talk to him. Abhimanyu and Manjiri are shaken after hearing Abhir’s words. Akshara consoles Abhir. He tells that he will never meet Abhimanyu. She asks Abhir not to get angry. Abhimanyu feels hurt. Manjiri asks him to stop worrying and not give up. She tells that she is with him. She asks him to stay strong. He doesn’t want Abhir’s hatred. She asks him to change Abhir’s hatred into love. She consoles him. Ruhi makes the day plans with Abhir. She tells that she will ask Abhimanyu to play games with them. Abhir gets upset. She doesn’t know the truth. He vents anger. He tells that he will never meet Abhimanyu. Ruhi asks why is he saying bad. He tells that he hates Abhimanyu. She asks the reason.


He tells that Abhimanyu has snatched Abhinav, he has killed Abhinav, and sent him away. Ruhi asks him not to lie. She praises Abhimanyu. She calls Abhir stupid to believe anyone. They both get into a fight. Akshara and Aarohi stop their fight and learn that they are fighting for their fathers. Ruhi tells that Abhimanyu saves lives and can’t kill anyone. Aarohi tells Ruhi that Abhimanyu got arrested for Abhinav’s murder and he is in jail. Ruhi can’t believe it. She has faith in Abhimanyu. She asks Aarohi if she trusts Abhimanyu or not. Aarohi is speechless. Abhir tells Akshara that he misses Abhinav a lot. He wants the resort videos. Akshara calls up Shefali and asks her to arrange the videos for Abhir. Shefali agrees to give her the pendrive.

Manjiri gives the pendrive to Shefali and asks her to give it to Akshara and Abhir. She also gives the letter and tells that it was the birthday gift for Abhinav from Abhimanyu’s side. Everyone prepares Akshara for the court hearing. Shefali reaches there and gives the pendrive along with the letter. She tells that the letter is from Abhimanyu’s side. Goenkas are shocked to learn that Abhimanyu had given Abhir’s legal custody to Abhinav and Akshara. Shefali tells that Abhimanyu had planned this birthday gift for Abhinav. She asks Akshara to think about it. She tells that Abhimanyu is innocent. Kairav calls Abhimanyu clever to make such a smart move to save himself. He wants Abhimanyu to spend the rest of his life in jail. Akshara decides to trust Abhimanyu and goes to the court to defend him. This shocks both families.


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