Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2023 Written Update Karan spots Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2023 Written Update Karan spots Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2023 Written Update Karan spots Preeta. Kavya takes Rajveer for a dance. She insists Rajveer and Palki dance with her. Rajveer and Palki dance in the Sangeet performance rehearsals. Everyone praises Rajveer for his amazing dance skills. He tells that he wants some money. Rakhi tells that Girish will get it for him. He tells that he will help himself. Palki follows him to the kitchen. She stops him from drinking cold water. She gives him a glass of water. She asks him not to drink cold water, or else he may fall sick and catch the viral flu. He smiles hearing her words of care and concern. She asks him did he hear what she said. He didn’t listen to her carefully, because he was lost looking at her. She asks him if he will take her out. He says yes. He tells that he has no problem.

She asks him to take her tonight. He gets glad and tells that he will take her. She tells that she will make tea and get it for everyone. He thinks of something else. She tells that she was telling about ghosts and he agreed to come along. Shaurya tells Sandy that he will take Nidhi’s car. Shanaya suddenly bumps into him and falls into his arms. Shaurya asks her to be careful next time, or else he will let her fall and get hurt. Shanaya finds him rude. She wants him to fall in love with her. She tells that she will do anything to marry him and become the Luthras bahu. Kavya tells Rakhi that Varun won’t come because he doesn’t want to dance. Pakhi gets tea for everyone. Sandy gets the song for Shaurya. Shanaya tells that she will dance for them if nobody is dancing.


Kavya tells that they want to see Palki’s dance as well. Palki refuses. Kavya asks Rajveer to request Palki. Rajveer asks Palki to listen to Kavya. Kavya asks her to dance for Rajveer’s sake. Palki agrees. The girls say that Palki agreed with Rajveer’s saying. Palki tells that she agreed for Kavya’s sake. Shanaya stares at Shaurya. Shaurya keeps an eye on Palki and Rajveer. He takes Palki with him to dance. Shaurya and Palki dance. He tries to make Rajveer jealous. Karan reaches there. Rakhi asks him to dance. He tells that he has an important meeting. He refuses to dance with Nidhi or anyone else. Rio insists him to do some steps.

Kavya tells that Karan has to dance for his sake. He agrees to dance for her sake. Karan rehearses with a dancer. He imagines Preeta with him. Everyone claps for Karan’s brilliant dance performance. Kareena tells that he was really brilliant. Rakhi and Kareena praise his dance skills. Palki tells that she has to go home. Shanaya tells that she doesn’t want to go soon. Karan tells that he will drop Palki, Shanaya, and Rajveer home. He wishes he gets to see Preeta today. Gurpreet tells Shrishti about Preeta’s dream about Karan. She adds that Preeta doubts Shrishti for hiding something about Karan. Shrishti knows Preeta loves Karan.

Karan drops Rajveer home. He wishes to visit Rajveer’s house. Palki asks Karan to meet her family. He tells that he will come next time. Rajveer tells that Karan should leave if he is busy. Karan tells that he is getting late and goes away. He finds it strange that Rajveer doesn’t want to take him home. Preeta leaves from the house. She meets the children. She misses seeing Karan. Karan stops the car when he hears Preeta’s laughter. He realizes that Preeta has gone to Palki’s house. He decides to go to Palki’s house and meet Preeta. Preeta meets Palki’s family. Karan also rushes to Palki’s house.


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