2 New tracks YRKKH Imlie Upcoming Spoilers

2 New tracks YRKKH Imlie Upcoming Spoilers

2 New tracks YRKKH Imlie Upcoming Spoilers. Atharv and Rudra fool Anu into signing the deal. The family learns Imlie’s plan and supports her. Devika tells that she is worried for Kairi. She wants to give a good upbringing and lavish life to Kairi. Imlie asks Devika to give good values to Kairi. The family worries for Kairi. Shivani tells that they should think of Kairi’s better future. Imlie and Atharv are not stressed. Kia asks Devika to not waste time and work at the party. Rudra tells that the servants are lazy and he will not hire them. Kia wants to find out Imlie’s plan. She puts a spy camera in the doll. She wants to fail Imlie’s plan against Anu just to save her future.

Imlie tells that they will get the papers signed and then get Anu arrested. Atharv tells that nothing will go wrong. Rudra’s beard falls off. Devika helps him. They get recorded in the camera. Anu finds a strange lady coming home and is willing to meet Imlie. Imlie learns that her boss Bharti has come home. She doesn’t want Bharti to tell Anu about the money lent to her. Kia checks the video and learns Atharv and Rudra’s truth. She goes to show the truth to Anu. Atharv worries and tells Imlie about Kia.



Abhimanyu realizes his mistake. He regrets that he didn’t trust Akshara when she needed him and he didn’t stay with her in times of sorrow. He respects Akshara even more for fighting for him at a time when her family is against him. Kairav knows Abhimanyu is guilty. He doesn’t want Muskaan to judge Akshara wrong. Muskaan tells that the family is biased against her when she is fighting for her brother. Akshara knows Abhimanyu is innocent and can’t let him suffer. She feels sorry that Abhir isn’t able to understand the truth and is against her. She wants to prove Abhimanyu’s truth in front of everyone.

Akshara stays firm on her decision. She heads to the court and proves Abhimanyu innocent by showing the video of the accident. Abhimanyu and Akshara get worried about Abhir’s behavior changing. He studies Abhir’s behavior and tells that Abhir is slipping into depression. Abhir doesn’t want to talk to Abhimanyu and Akshara and stays aloof. He misses Abhinav. He wants to be alone. They want to help Abhir cope with the big loss.


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