Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2023 Written Update Denial

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2023 Written Update Denial

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2023 Written Update Denial. Shalu and Bani wish that Rishi takes Lakshmi home. They share the good news with Rano. Rano tells that she is very happy and wants Rishi to take Lakshmi away. She doesn’t want a burden. Shalu defends her sister. Rano tells that she wants Lakshmi’s betterment. Neelam is upset with Rishi’s decision. She tells that she didn’t imagine that her son will go against her. She shouts that she won’t share the house with Lakshmi, she will leave the house if Rishi brings her home and that’s final. She asks Karishma to let Rishi do anything. Karishma doesn’t want Neelam to leave the house. Rishi and Lakshmi come to Rano’s house. He asks her to take her bag and then come with him. She tells that they will go home and have a talk.

Shalu and Bani get delighted to see Rishi and Lakshmi at the door. Lakshmi tells that she met Rishi on the way. She cares for him when she finds him in pain. Shalu gets Lakshmi’s bag. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come with him. Lakshmi stops him. She refuses to go with him. He gets hyper and asks her if she doesn’t value his family. She tells that she loves his family, but she can’t come with him. He gets adamant to take her home. She tells that she isn’t his wife and they are divorced. He asks her not to say anything like that. She tells that she doesn’t want to go to the Oberoi’s house. He holds her hand and tells her that he will not leave her hand ever. She refuses to go home and sees him doing injustice to Malishka. She tells that he is ignoring Malishka and hurting her.


She asks him to understand that they aren’t husband and wife now and she can’t stay with him. He tells that they still have a relationship. She tells that they are friends. He tells that he took her responsibility. She is grateful and asks him not to worry about her. She doesn’t want fights to happen in the house because of her. He asks her to come with him. She asks him to stop arguing. He asks the family to explain Lakshmi. Shalu asks Lakshmi to think of Virender and Dadi and go back. Lakshmi gets stern. Rishi asks her to come with him if she cares for him. She stops him. Virender meets Ayush. They discuss business problems.

Ayush asks who is spreading the rumors about their company’s losses. Virender tells that their business rivals are jealous and they are spreading false rumors. Ayush feels responsible that he didn’t pay attention to the company before. Virender asks him not to blame himself. Ayush promises to take responsibility and handle the business well. Lakshmi threatens of breaking the friendship if Rishi forces her. She asks him to go and stay happy with Malishka. She wants him to marry Malishka. Rano tells Lakshmi that she can’t leave Rishi. Lakshmi tells that she will always be there to protect him, but she won’t go back. Rishi tells that Lakshmi’s happiness is his responsibility. She asks him to think of his happiness first.

She tells that it hurts a lot to go away from a loved one. Shalu tells that they will stay happy if they are together. Bani asks Lakshmi to go with Rishi. Rano also asks Lakshmi to go with him. Lakshmi doesn’t listen. Rishi leaves in anger. Dadi worries for Lakshmi. Karishma argues with her when she sees Dadi choosing Lakshmi over Neelam. Dadi tells that she didn’t do anything against Neelam. Karishma tells that Lakshmi will come with Rishi as she had planned it. She speaks against Lakshmi. Dadi angrily defends Lakshmi. Rishi comes back home. He sadly tells Dadi that Lakshmi refused to come. Karishma and Malishka are surprised. Dadi tells that she knew Lakshmi won’t come.

She tells them that Lakshmi wants to maintain peace in the house. She respects Lakshmi. Karishma tells that Neelam had decided to leave the house if Lakshmi came back. Dadi asks Rishi not to worry, Lakshmi will always worry about the house even if she doesn’t stay with them and they are unfortunate to lose her. Karishma thinks Lakshmi has made a clever move. She asks Malishka to chill. She rushes to inform Neelam. Kiran asks Malishka to get happy. Malishka tells that Rishi is so upset. Kiran asks her to give happiness to Rishi and win him over. Malishka plans a surprise for Rishi. Shalu and Bani oppose Lakshmi. Lakshmi justifies her decision. She tells that she can’t be selfish. She wants Rishi’s happiness. She asks them to leave things to fate.


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