Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2023 Written Update Accident

Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2023 Written Update Accident

Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2023 Written Update Accident twist. Kavya talks to Palki and Shanaya on call. They hear Shaurya talking to Kavya and comparing himself with Rajveer. He wants to be at the office on time so that Rajveer doesn’t insult him. Kavya tells that it’s good Shaurya is scared of Rajveer. Palki tells that Shaurya isn’t scared but competitive with Rajveer. Kavya asks her to come home. Shanaya thinks to go to the office to meet Shaurya. She makes excuses and asks Palki to go to Luthra’s house alone. She sends Palki away. She tells that she will go to Luthras office and make a place in Shaurya’s heart. Rishabh and Karan question Nidhi about her work. She tells that she has some work and needs to leave soon.

Rishabh tells that he wants to take her car because his car has gone to the workshop. He adds that if she has to go then he will take Mahesh’s car. Karan asks Rishabh why did he involve Nidhi in selecting the suit. Rishabh tells that it’s not a big deal. Karan doesn’t want to wear the clothes selected by Nidhi. She gets two options for Karan. Rishabh asks her to decide. She selects one of the two options. Karan comments on her selection. He takes the other one. Rishabh and Nidhi get confused by his choice. Karan jokes about her poor fashion sense. He laughs aloud. Nidhi feels bad. She asks him to wear anything he wants. She walks out.


Rishabh asks Karan why did he laugh in her face. Karan tells that she didn’t need to select the suit. Rishabh asks him to wear anything and just get ready. Rajveer reaches the office. Shanaya comes there to meet Shaurya. She learns that Shaurya didn’t come till now. Shaurya walks in. Shanaya acts and asks about Rajveer just to get Shaurya’s attention. Shaurya thinks why did Shanaya come to the office? Nidhi reaches the location and waits for Shambhu. He tells that he is there and waiting for Preeta. She tells that she is waiting for a long time. He asks her to see Preeta meeting her death. He waits for the right moment to attack her.

Shanaya is glad that Shaurya is following her. She wants to show him that Rajveer is interested in her. She meets Rajveer. Shaurya finds them together. Rajveer is confused seeing Shanaya. She tells that she is sorry to come without informing him. He asks if she came to say something. She tells that she feels Shaurya is interested in her. She asks Rajveer what he thinks. Rajveer finds Shaurya there. Shaurya tells that he just came to greet Shanaya. Rajveer really thinks Shaurya is interested in Shanaya. Shanaya asks Shaurya not to tell anyone about Rajveer and her private talk. Shaurya asks what’s so personal between them.

Rajveer is clueless. Shrishti passes the time bargaining with a vegetable vendor. Preeta and Shrishti buy the vegetables. Nidhi asks Shambhu to knock down Preeta. Shambhu races the car and hits Preeta. Preeta falls on the road. Shrishti is shell-shocked, while Nidhi rejoices at the sight. Shrishti asks the people to help her. Karan reaches the spot and finds an accident victim. He rushes to help. A man offers help and takes Preeta to his car. Shrishti takes Preeta. Karan doesn’t see them. Shaurya questions Rajveer and Shanaya. She tells that she will not tell him anything personal. Rajveer asks Shaurya to leave if he is done.

Shaurya tells that it’s his office. Rajveer asks Shanaya to go home. She makes sure that Shaurya suspects Rajveer and her affair. Shaurya thinks Palki is innocent and she can’t date Rajveer, but Shanaya is dating Rajveer. Shrishti gets worried for Preeta. She regrets that Preeta and Rajveer didn’t listen to her and came to Mumbai, where their lives fell into trouble. She thinks about how did the accident happen. She realizes that Preeta has enemies in the city. She wants to find out who has planned the accident. She cries for Preeta.


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