1 cunning move in Bhagya Lakshmi turns Malishka victorious

1 cunning move in Bhagya Lakshmi turns Malishka victorious

1 cunning move in Bhagya Lakshmi turns Malishka victorious. Malishka meets Rishi and asks him to receive a good morning kiss from her. He stops her and tells that if anyone sees them, then it will appear wrong. He feels uncomfortable. She says that she liked the flying kiss and he has become more charming than before. She asks him not to cancel the honeymoon when he is okay. She compliments him. He says that the clothes are of Lakshmi’s choice. She asks him to remove the jacket. He asks her what problem does she have. He refuses to remove it. She says that she will tear the jacket. He asks her to behave herself. She scolds him and tells him that he will not wear the clothes of Lakshmi’s choice. He calls her selfish because she just thinks of herself, not of his happiness. He adds that Lakshmi is special and he can’t forget her.

Malishka imagines this and reacts calmly. She knows her anger can spoil things for her. She remembers Kiran’s advice. She wants to smartly play to remove Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. She thinks to find some way to make him remove the jacket. Malishka joins everyone for breakfast. Rishi anxiously waits for Lakshmi. He goes to check the door. He doesn’t find her. He smiles thinking of her arrival anytime. Karishma asks Neelam who is Rishi waiting for. Malishka says that she has no idea. Ayush asks Rishi did he has the food. Rishi says no. He says that he is waiting for someone. Ayush asks who is coming. Rishi asks him to go.


He hears the doorbell and runs to see Lakshmi. He sees Dadi. Dadi is glad to get a good welcome. Karishma says that Rishi was waiting for Dadi. Rishi asks Ayush when is Malishka going to come. Ayush calls him mad in love. He says that Lakshmi won’t come. He apologizes to him. Rishi gets dejected. Ayush says that he is also very upset. He takes Rishi to have breakfast. Malishka makes the servant spill the tea on Rishi’s hand. Rishi says that he will change the jacket later. Neelam says that it’s not looking good. She sends Rishi. Malishka thinks she won and made Rishi remove the jacket. She wants to snatch Rishi from Lakshmi.


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