3 Intense twists Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya Radha Mohan

3 Intense twists Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya Radha Mohan

3 Intense twists Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya Radha Mohan. Ranbir corners Prachi to talk to her. She says that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She asks him why he doesn’t understand. He says that he wants to talk to her because he loves her. Ranbir holds Prachi close to him in his arms. Akshay spots them in a romantic pose and is shocked. He can’t believe that his allegation was right and they both pretend innocent in front of the family. He says that Ranbir has shown his real truth, and now he/Akshay will show what he can do. He swears to take revenge on Ranbir for influencing Prachi. Will Akshay learn Ranbir and Prachi’s truth?

Rajveer cries for Preeta. Shrishti tells him that Nidhi is after Preeta’s life. She suspects Nidhi. Nidhi tells Aarohi that she will take Preeta away from Karan’s life forever. She takes a doctor’s disguise to enter the ward. Karan asks Shrishti where is Preeta. Shrishti says that she won’t let him meet Preeta and he can’t use her in knowing anything about Preeta. Karan is shocked to hear this and wants to know the reason for Shrishti’s indifference. Nidhi reaches Preeta to inject the poison and kill her, but Preeta wakes up and fights Nidhi to save her life. Preeta succeeds in saving herself from the deadly attack, and the police arrive just in time. Nidhi flees from there.


Radha Mohan:

The inspector searches Mohan’s house to find Radha. She tells that she knows Radha is hiding there. Radha hides under the bed. Inspector informs Damini that she didn’t find Radha in the house. Damini asks her to check Mohan’s room and look under the bed. The inspector checks under the bed and finds Radha hiding. She tells Damini that she found Radha. Damini tells Mohan that Radha is caught. Mohan learns Damini’s true intentions and is angered. Kadambari worries for Radha. Damini and Kaveri keep Mohan captive.


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