Malti stunning avatar in Anupama unveils a big secret

Malti stunning avatar in Anupama unveils a big secret

Malti stunning avatar in Anupama unveils a big secret. Anuj and Anupama talk about her temper. He says that he has seen her temper and is thankful that she doesn’t vent it at home. She says that she doesn’t like to stay angered, but she is losing her mind seeing the family conflicts. She wants Romil and Adhik to stop fighting. Anuj tells that the boys can harm each other in anger. She keeps a puja at the temple to pray for the house’s peace. She wants to pray for Kavya. Anuj asks her is Kavya okay. She doesn’t disclose about Kavya’s pregnancy truth. Kavya meets with an accident because of Dimpy. She gets afraid for her baby.

Anupama says that she is her child’s shield and she has to stay strong. The family rushes Kavya to the hospital. The doctor tells Vanraj and Anupama that Kavya’s baby is okay, but there are complications. Vanraj fears for Kavya. Anuj and Anupama miss out on going to the temple in the morning. They visit in the evening hours. A lady falls over Anuj’s car. Anupama goes to ask the lady if is she okay. She is shocked to see Malti in an odd state. Malti’s past secrets will be unveiled soon. Malti and Anuj’s blood connection will come to the fore. How excited are you to watch the upcoming track? Keep reading for more news and spoilers on your favorite show Anupama.


About the show: Anupama is a family drama that focuses on the lives of an Indian middle-class family. It portrays strong female characters who are independent, resilient, and full of life. The show follows the story of Anupamaa, her husband Anuj, her ex-husband Vanraj, and their three children along with other extended family members. The show has been able to capture viewers with its realistic approach towards relationships, emotions, and various conflicts between characters.

Each episode brings in new challenges for Anupamaa and her family which makes it a must-watch for everyone who loves watching daily soaps. Anupama also touches upon important social issues such as gender inequality, child marriage, etc., thereby making the audience aware of these prevalent problems in our society today. This helps create awareness among viewers regarding social responsibility that they should take up for the betterment of those living around them or even distant ones in different parts of the world.


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