Imlie Star Plus Upcoming twists 29th August 2023

2 Twists in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein this week

Imlie Star Plus Upcoming twists 29th August 2023. Imlie spots a nurse pushing a laundry trolley and gets suspicious. Deciding not to inform anyone, she takes the man to Mishraji’s cabin. When they arrive, Mishraji yells at him for abducting Rudra Rana’s grandchild. The man explains that if they succeed in selling the baby, they will make a lot of money. Just then, Rudra enters and inquires about his missing grandson. Mishraji assures him that the infant will recover soon. As Imlie keeps searching for the nurse, Atharva tries to persuade her to take a break. She expresses strong views about motherhood but Shivani sets off towards home. Devika presents Imlie’s soiled clothes in a basket for laundering.

As Shivani moves towards the grand entrance, Nurse impacts into her and places the baby in the basket. Shivani wonders why it suddenly seems heavy. The police arrive and tell Ranas that other infants have been abducted too and they are dealing with a kidnapping cartel. Mishra erases all messages linked with Imlie’s infant abduction and attempts to burn the photo of the baby when he gets an electric shock and yells out in pain. In haste, everyone hurries to his office where they find a baby photograph on the floor. On closer inspection, Devika says that the child looks just like Imlie as she can identify Imlie’s name band around its wrist; prompting the Inspector’s query regarding why Mishra carried Imlie’s newborn image.


Mishra is confronted by the Inspector, whom he lies to. He insists that they maintain baby photos as per hospital protocols. Faced with the Inspector’s questioning, Mishra becomes tense and is forced to admit to having seen a picture in a ward boy’s hand who pushed him before taking Imlie’s child away. The officer orders him to catch the culprit before he can sell the infant.


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