Junooniyatt Upcoming troubles for Ilahi and Jahaan

Junooniyatt Upcoming troubles for Ilahi and Jahaan

Junooniyatt Upcoming troubles for Ilahi and Jahaan. Everyone gathers downstairs, and Tina suggests a game of singing songs. Ilahi teams up with Jordan, while Bau ji places all the boys on one side and the girls on the other. As the game begins Bau ji sings. It is then Ilahi’s turn to perform and she sings as she dances with Dolly, Bebe, and Tina. Jordan follows suit singing, but dancing around Ilahi makes her feel awkward. Much to everyone’s surprise Jordan throws a cushion at them! He then quickly adds for Tina not to miss it before suggesting they carry on playing. A lawyer arrives and claims he had been summoned there by Ilahi. Dolly questioned his motives, to which he responded that Ilahi needed their marriage certificate. Undeterred by Jordan’s threatening presence, Ilahi firmly commented that his threats were useless and that he would never be a hero – only a zero.

His anger boiling over, Jordan slammed his fist into the wall as Mahip assured him they would make her pay for her actions. Jordan conceded that Ilahi appeared unfazed by his menacing aura, despairingly remarking what more could he do? Mahip confidently reassured him that she and the others would receive their due retribution. Dolly is wondering why Ilahi hasn’t gotten a break yet despite being so talented. She then encourages her to be honest with whatever she chooses to do, and without warning, Mahip shoves her down the stairs. Ilahi is taken aback to see her there but is left hurt as she falls from the steps.



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