Ranbir confession in Kumkum Bhagya stuns Akshay

Ranbir confession in Kumkum Bhagya stuns Akshay

Ranbir confession in Kumkum Bhagya stuns Akshay. Pallavi clearly states that she doesn’t want to see Prachi around Ranbir. Prachi tells that she has moved on and even Ranbir is moving on. Pallavi says that she can’t see it. She reveals that she has seen Ranbir and Prachi in a drunken state and they were getting mad for each other. Prachi tells that she wasn’t in her control in a drunken state. She explains that she isn’t interested in Ranbir, because she has her family and own world. She asks Pallavi to understand her point. She tells that she is going out with Akshay to spend time. She claims that Akshay loves her. Pallavi tells that she understands everything. She doesn’t trust Prachi. Prachi tells that it’s Pallavi’s wish.

Mihika comes to ask Prachi for the storeroom key. Pallavi makes a leave. Mihika finds Pallavi strict. She asks Prachi about Pallavi’s real side. Prachi remembers Pallavi’s tortures. She tells that Pallavi dislikes her, but she loves Ranbir a lot. She praises Pallavi. Pallavi wants to behave well with Mihika. Mihika, Ranbir and Prachi go to the storeroom. Ranbir tells Mihika that he will do the work. Mihika finds him sweet. He attempts to talk to Prachi. She walks away. He apologizes to her. Akshay meets the detective.


The man tells that he got some information, Ranbir and Prachi studied in the same college and used to call her Chikchiki, they were famous in college and they were dating. Akshay can’t believe this. He asks the detective to find out everything. He goes to Ranbir and asks him who is Chikchiki. Ranbir avoids answering him. Akshay tells that he got to know Ranbir called Prachi Chikchiki. Ranbir tells that he used to get angry at her frustrating behavior and gave her that nickname. He adds that he used to feel love for her as well. He angers Akshay by this confession.


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