Unexpected twist in YRKKH today will amaze you

Unexpected twist in YRKKH today will amaze you

An unexpected twist in YRKKH today will amaze you. YRKKH 28th August 2023 Written Update. Akshara urges Abhir to just accompany the family and cheer for the team. She doesn’t want to force him. She wishes to take away all his pain once he takes a step towards her. She stumbles. He holds her hand to save her from falling. Abhir joins Akshara for her sake. Birlas wait for Abhir to come. They are surprised to see Abhir with the Goenkas. Abhir becomes the star player of the team. Abhimanyu asks him if is he ready to play. Abhir isn’t going to play but just cheer for them. Akshara comes up with an idea. The opponent team arrives and makes the family members nervous. The family gets scared to face such a strong team.

They still stay firm on their decision to compete. The guys make fun of Akshara and laugh at her. Abhir gets angry. The guys mock the oldies who think they will win the match. Kairav misses Muskaan in the match. Manish wears contact lenses to see clearly. The family preps up for the game. Akshara asks the family members to remember that they are playing for Abhir’s sake. The family members play with the guys. Akshara challenges them. Surekha gets scared when the guys hit the goal and she stands as the goalkeeper. Manjiri gets tense seeing the football coming towards her. Abhimanyu motivates her to kick the ball.


The guys laugh seeing her tension. They call the family a comedy film character. The family struggles and hits their first goal. Abhir observes the players of the opponent team and understands their strengths and weaknesses. Abhir gives the water bottles to the family members. Akshara asks the family members to just execute the plan and raise Abhir’s interest in the game. Akshara asks Abhir to help them win. Abhir tells that he has come to help. He gives the tips to the family members. Everyone claps for Abhir’s amazing observation and talent.

Abhir fears that the family will lose the match as the opponents’ score is higher. Abhimanyu tricks the opponents. He thinks to get Abhir on the field. He deliberately falls and tells that he is okay. Aarohi tells that it’s a sprain in his foot. They make Abhimanyu rest. Abhir is left with no option but to join the team and make them win.


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