1 realization in Bhagya Lakshmi hits Rishi hard

1 realization in Bhagya Lakshmi hits Rishi hard

1 realization in Bhagya Lakshmi hits Rishi hard. Neelam shouts that Lakshmi is very clever. Dadi says that if Lakshmi was clever, then she would have ruled over the house. She adds that Rishi was with Lakshmi and wanted her to stay back, even then she left the house for the family’s sake. She tells Neelam that Lakshmi left everything only because she wanted their happiness. Rishi realizes the big sacrifice made by Lakshmi. He gets disturbed and angry with himself. He feels Lakshmi always trusted him, but he scolded her a lot. He says that Lakshmi has forgiven him always, but he didn’t think of her feelings before hurting her. He feels sorry. He cries in loneliness. The family is busy with arguments.

Dadi says that Lakshmi could have easily stayed back in the house when Virender also supported her. She tells Neelam that Lakshmi didn’t leave as a loser but as a winner. Virender says that Lakshmi has made a big sacrifice. Neelam asks him not to do wrong by opening the past chapter again. She accuses him of breaking the family. Dadi says that her decision to get Lakshmi back in the house is final. Neelam goes mad in anger. Malishka finds Rishi weeping. She wants a chance to prove that she cares for his happiness. She pretends to care. She asks him not to fall weak. She says that he shouldn’t stay in guilt.


She asks him to not blame himself and close Lakshmi’s chapter. Rishi doesn’t understand why he didn’t believe Lakshmi. She gets angered seeing him regret it. She asks him to move on in his life. She tells that she has permitted Lakshmi to stay in the house for the sake of his love and happiness. She reminds that Lakshmi will come for a few days. She wants him to not interfere in Lakshmi’s life. Rishi wants to be alone.


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