Imlie written update 29th August 2023 Imlie Atharv go frantic

Imlie written update 29th August 2023 Imlie Atharv go frantic

Imlie written update 29th August 2023 Imlie Atharv go frantic. Devika menacingly holds a knife to Mishra’s neck and insists he provides her with the ward boy’s name and number. The inspector chastises her for taking the law into her own hands and warns of penalties. Devika retorts that the punishment Imlie is suffering for losing her child far outweighs any retribution imposed upon her. Finally, Mishra divulges Sattu’s details. Rudra apologizes on Devika’s behalf and requests the number for Imlie, but the inspector declines, insisting it isn’t solely a matter of his grandchild but of many other children as well. Realizing her mistake, Devika apologizes before making an imprint of the number in a notepad to pass on to Imlie later. Keya and Akash regret their actions and pledge to help Imlie and Atharva find their baby.

Devika is contacted by Imlie, giving her Sattu’s number. As the inspector passes by, she quickly changes the topic. When Imlie finds out he is there, Devika urges her to hurry up on her search. Unfortunately, every time Imlie calls Sattu he disconnects; however, Atharva manages to locate him via a techie friend and makes his way to some Dhaba. Sattu attempts to replace his SIM card but drops the mobile instead; when Imlie phones him again she hears it ringing and notifies Atharva of Sattu’s whereabouts. Atharva dashes towards Sattu, who launches a cot their way and manages to get away. When Atharva returns to Imlie, he finds her in agony.


The police appear and berate them for thwarting their plans of apprehending Sattu. Atharva pleads that they’re simply trying to find their infant and pleads with the inspector to take them along. But the inspector declines his entreaty and orders constables to escort them out. Devika urges Imlie not to lose hope, and as they are stuck in a traffic jam, Imlie gets the feeling that her baby is close by. The beggar, noticing their discomfort, heads towards them imagining he will get a good amount of money. However, Imlie and Atharva manage to leave the car before he can come close enough. Atharva and Imlie apprehend Sattu, who reveals that their infant is with a beggar gang that plans to trade her off to another group. Imlie resolves to do whatever it takes to recover their child.


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