Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Ruhaan shoots Dua

Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Ruhaan shoots Dua

Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Ruhaan shoots Dua. Dua says to Haider “I thank you for giving me your love and support and for trusting me enough to grant me a divorce. However, as a Muslim, you should know that it is against the law to give three divorces in one go – it is considered a crime. You must divorce me in stages if you wish to complete it.” Gazal interrupts to say that he has the right to divorce her. She retorts that although he may have the right, he must adhere to religious laws or risk being arrested. Turning back to the inspector she declares, “So why are you waiting? He has committed a crime and he can be arrested now!” Haider can hardly believe what he’s hearing and stares at her in disbelief.

Gazal protests and begs them not to take Haider away. On the other hand, the officers are smashing down Hina’s door. Haider attempts to intervene but is ordered back by the inspector. Desperate, Gazal implores them not to do it, but they go ahead despite her pleas. Soon, Hina is found in a cupboard and brought out crying and claiming innocence. The sight is too much for Haider as he watches helplessly while they forcibly remove Hina from her home. Dadi is bewildered by what is happening and laments about an unseen curse upon her family. Hina cries that Dua has broken a mother’s heart and that God will never forgive her as she is taken away.


Dua believes her only option is to spare Haider’s life, and Haider shares the same thought. The inspector informs them that Haider would be arrested as well; having issued Dua instant divorce is punishable. Gazal begs them not to go through with it, however, the inspector orders her to be quiet. Both Hina and Haider are soon taken away. With a sorrowful look towards Dua, Haider accepts his fate. Dadi informs Ruhaan that Hina and Haider got arrested. Ruhaan is shocked to know this. He rebukes Dua for sending Haider to jail to save his life. He says that Haider won’t get saved forever. He asks her who will save her from him. He tells her that she will certainly die today and shoots a bullet at her. The family members are shocked to witness this.


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