Biggest twist in Kumkum Bhagya Revelation of the year

Biggest twist in Kumkum Bhagya Revelation of the year

The biggest twist in Kumkum Bhagya Revelation of the year. The family members sit for the puja. Prachi and Ranbir are seated side by side, prompting Akshay to become irate. Pandit offers his blessing for their union, while Pallavi corrects him. Prachi then has Mihika join them and the pandit realizes his suspicion was right but still apologizes. Akshay finds the detective standing in his doorway. He wastes no time and quickly meets him indoors. The detective explains that he would have made any excuse to come home on this matter. Akshay is urged to relax as he enquires about the information obtained. Upon checking the envelope, he finds pictures of Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding ceremony leaving him astounded. Recollecting how possessive Ranbir was of Prachi, Akshay realizes that his intuition has been accurate all along, now making sense of why Ranbir wouldn’t accept her moving forward.

He assumes Rhea could be Ranbir’s second wife. He says Ranbir does not wish to tie the knot with Mihika, he is only trying to get closer to Prachi and regain her love. Therefore, he plans to keep up the pretense after discovering the reality. He then returns to the puja hall and finds Ranbir gazing at Prachi. Recollecting her responses on her relationship with him, he suspects that she should have told him about her ex-husband before.


Akshay knows Prachi wants to avoid Ranbir and therefore orders the Pandit for a wedding date which makes Mihika ecstatic. Pallavi requests Ranbir to return home with her. Noticing this, Mihika signs Prachi to intervene. Prachi pleads with Pallavi to permit Ranbir to stay for a single day. Pallavi apologizes and conveys her agreement after Ranbir assures her he will come back the next day. She embraces him before bidding farewell and Abhay enquires if Akshay is feeling alright, yet he remains tight-lipped about his true feelings and planning.


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