Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update Shrishti threatens Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update Shrishti threatens Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update Shrishti threatens Nidhi. Shrishti arrives in Luthra’s mansion to rebuke Nidhi for her evil move of attacking Preeta. Karan gets to see Rajveer seeing Palki and smiling. He realizes that Rajveer likes Palki. Shanaya sees Shaurya watching and goes to flirt with Rajveer. Palki gets upset thinking she will lose her love to Shanaya. Nidhi speaks to Aarohi. Shrishti enters the room and doesn’t get seen by anyone. Nidhi is shocked to see her. Shrishti tells that she knows Nidhi has attacked Preeta. Nidhi denies it. Shrishti sees the nail mask on Nidhi’s face and scolds her. She tells that she will not spare her if Nidhi dares to come in her way. She calls it enough. She threatens Nidhi. She doesn’t want Preeta to get harmed again.

She tells that the day she gets proof against Nidhi, she will get Nidhi arrested. Aarohi witnesses their argument. Nidhi wants to hide the facts. She is relieved that Shrishti isn’t sure and doesn’t have any proof. She tries to clear her doubts. She wants to save herself. She asks Shrishti to leave. Shrishti makes a leave, while Girish informs Rajveer about her arrival. Rajveer signs Girish to not say anything more. Girish doesn’t understand and repeats himself. Rakhi overhears this and asks Girish if Shrishti has come home. She is overjoyed with the news.


Shrishti hides from Rakhi and hears her emotional talks. Rajveer worries that Shrishti shouldn’t come in front of the family. Nidhi tells Aarohi that she will not spare Preeta. The secret comes out in front of Preeta that Nidhi was the attacker who tried to kill her. Nidhi doesn’t want Karan and Preeta to unite. She becomes a barrier between them. Watch the latest promo below and catch the latest written update of Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 at 9.30 pm IST.

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2023 Written Update Shrishti threatens Nidhi:

Girish is hopeful and happy seeing Shrishti back. He prays that Preeta returns to the family. Nidhi thanks Aarohi for always being there for her. She tells that she felt scared to lie between the dead bodies in the morgue. She also had the fear of getting caught by the police. She is relieved that she is back in her house. Aarohi says that she can do anything for her. Nidhi asks her to get her freedom from every fear. She says that she is afraid to get kicked out of the family. Aarohi says that the truth won’t come out soon. She doesn’t know why Preeta and Shrishti aren’t coming home. She says that the reason is surely big. She asks Nidhi to send them away from her life before they decide to return home.

She says that once they come back, they will kick out Nidhi. Nidhi says that she doesn’t know what to do. She wants to find out Preeta and Shrishti’s motives and plans. Shrishti sees Rakhi and cries emotionally. She doesn’t want Rakhi to see her. She hides from Rakhi. Rakhi feels someone’s presence and looks around. She goes away from there. Shrishti says that she missed Rakhi a lot. She weeps in sorrow. Nidhi is shocked to see Shrishti at the door. Palki gets jealous of Shanaya and Rajveer’s friendship. Rajveer meets her and asks about the matter. She asks him if he likes Shanaya. He says that he likes Shanaya.

She asks why he like her. He tells that Shanaya is nice and different, she is Palki’s sister and he understands her. He finds her upset. They share a moment. Nidhi asks Shrishti what is she doing in her house. Shrishti asks what was she doing around Preeta. She remembers what she said before. She threatens Nidhi. She says that nobody knows about her arrival, but when they learn, then everything will change. She asks Nidhi if she was escaping in the doctor’s disguise. She accuses Nidhi of plotting Preeta’s accident and trying to kill her. Nidhi asks her to shut up and leave.

Shrishti asks her about the scratch on her face. She asks if she fought with someone. Nidhi says that she got attacked by a wild cat. Aarohi gets ointment for her. She sees Shrishti threatening Nidhi. She says that she just doubts Nidhi, and the day she gets proof, she will not spare her. She leaves. Nidhi asks Aarohi to leave her alone for some time. Shaurya stays with Kavya to select her dress and jewelry just to be around Shanaya. Kavya asks why is he taking an interest in her work. He tells that someone asked his opinion, so he has come. Shanaya tells that she is missing Rajveer a lot. Kavya asks her to help her. Shanaya says that things change in a day.

Sandy tells Shaurya that Shanaya and Rajveer have something going on. Shaurya asks him to help Kavya with her work. Rajveer cares for Palki. He apologizes to her. She thinks he has realized she got hurt seeing him close to Shanaya. She doesn’t want him to learn that she loves him. Girish rushes to give a tiffin to Preeta. Shrishti keeps his heart and accepts the food. He asks her to stay back. She refuses. Rajveer sees her and asks her to hide. Shrishti says that Girish has a close bond with them. Girish asks Rajveer if he knows Shrishti. She says that it’s a long story.

Girish goes to get water for her. She hides from Rakhi. Girish gets water and asks Rajveer where did Shrishti go. Rakhi hears this and asks him if Shrishti has come home. Rajveer lies to her. Rakhi asks Girish to tell him about Shrishti. Girish says that he didn’t take Shrishti’s name. Rakhi asks him not to lie. Karan asks what’s going on. Rajveer tries to cover the matter. Rakhi tells Karan that Girish took Shrishti’s name. Karan is surprised.

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