3 Peak twists in Imlie Pandya Store Meet

3 Peak twists in Imlie Pandya Store Meet

3 Peak Twists in Imlie Pandya Store Meet. Natasha embraces Shesh and praises the wedding present. She requests Chiku to manage the shop. Amrish tells Dhawal that he needs Pandya Store. He gives the Pandya store transfer papers requiring Natasha’s signature. He adds that she loves Dhawal and will also receive his love, without understanding it being a concession. Both Suman and Chiku agree with Natasha to have admission and a job in an MNC. Chiku heads out to pilfer the jewelry. Amrish declares it is time to make his dream a reality by getting Natasha to sign the documents. Amba reveals that she had left the marriage ceremony and eloped. Amrish and Dhawal are in shock.



Sumeet gets to the spot where the gorilla is, aware that what she is doing might be against the law. Nonetheless, she continues down the dubious roadway until it ends. In the meantime, Raunak comes home and coercively takes his dad to observe the gorilla show. Poonam tells Shlok about this, and they call Sumeet to caution her. Sumeet quickly follows up with who she is trailing, recognizing that she has been intentionally misdirected by Raunak. She hastens back to where the gorilla is situated.


Atharva and Imlie masquerade as dolls to amuse the children. Kairi recognizes them, much to the shock of a goon. She mentions how they are capable of clapping with remote control devices while pointing out their dancing abilities. Imlie then shows off her skills, however, she starts to bleed and Atharva alerts her. The boss suddenly appears and fires a bullet into the air, declaring that dolls do not bleed. With quick thinking, Kairi argues that it was merely paint that caused this reaction but he suggests testing if there is indeed blood by aiming the gun at Atharva. Imlie worries for Atharv.


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