Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update Rajveer saves Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update Rajveer saves Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update Rajveer saves Kavya. Karan asks Kavya not to go anywhere, she can tell him whatever she wants and he will arrange it. She tells that it’s Raksha Bandhan tomorrow and she has to go to buy Rakhis. Karan realizes the festive coming. the Luthras begin the festive preparations. Rajveer tells Mohit that it is Raksha Bandhan and his wrist will not have any Rakhi, he can’t tell Kavya that he is her brother and she should tie a Rakhi to him. Luthras invite Rajveer home. Rajveer goes to meet Kavya. He finds her seeing a Rakhi and saying it belongs to her brother. He gets depressed that she got only one Rakhi, instead of two. Kavya gets two Rakhis for Shaurya and Rajveer. Raksha Bandhan will be seen in the show.

Kareena ties the Rakhi to Mahesh, while Kritika ties the Rakhi to her brothers Karan and Rishabh. They give her amazing gifts. Kavya ties the Rakhi to Shaurya and Rajveer. She gets bitten by a snake. She screams in pain. The family worries for Kavya. The unexpected incident scared the family. Shaurya and Rajveer protect Kavya. Rajveer sucks the poison and saves Kavya’s life. He risks his life. He gets a chance to protect her and do his responsibility. The family is grateful to Rajveer for saving Kavya. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Update Rajveer saves Kavya:

Rakhi tells Karan that Girish has taken Shrishti’s name. Karan asks Girish to say if Shrishti has come home. Girish lies to them. Shrishti signs Rajveer that she is leaving. Girish asks Rajveer to sneeze and show them. Rajveer sneezes to trick them. Karan questions Girish. Rajveer and Girish hide the matter. Nidhi finds Shrishti leaving. Rajveer asks Girish to take medicines for his cold. Nidhi is relieved that nobody has seen her. Shanaya thinks Shaurya is jealous of Rajveer and her. Shaurya tries to know from her if Rajveer likes her. She lies that Rajveer is obsessed with her. He asks about her feelings for Rajveer. She asks him to find out. On the other side, Preeta takes her medicines. Shrishti comes home and behaves normal. She hides her tension. Preeta asks if she has found the culprit. Shrishti doesn’t tell her anything.

Shrishti thinks her doubt about Nidhi isn’t confirmed. She tells that she will tell her when she finds the truth. Preeta knows Shrishti is hiding the truth for some reason. She tells that Shrishti always hides things from her but for her betterment. Shanaya finds Shaurya following her. She thinks it’s a good chance to fool him. She shows her interest in Rajveer. Sandy asks Shaurya why is he taking an interest in Shanaya. Shaurya tells that she isn’t of his standard, but she is Rajveer’s love interest. He wants to use Shanaya to emotionally hurt Rajveer. Sandy asks if he will date Shanaya to break Rajveer’s heart. Shaurya watches Shanaya and Rajveer waving to each other. Palki sees them and gets upset.

Karan finds Rajveer losing his attention. He tells that something is going on. Rajveer sees Palki behind. Karan gets confused and thinks about who Rajveer loves Shanaya or Palki. Rajveer sees Palki with much love. Karan finds Shanaya eyeing Shaurya. He thinks what’s going on in his house. Shanaya asks Rajveer to take her home when he goes. Rajveer says that he will take Palki and Shanaya. Shaurya tells that he will drop them. Shanaya tells that she is okay with it. Karan likes the stories weaving in their lives. He wants to watch the drama. Nidhi tells Aarohi that Shrishti and Preeta are hiding a crucial matter. She wants to find the reason. Aarohi asks her to be thankful that they aren’t coming home. Nidhi wants to get rid of Preeta.

She tells that she hired the assassin to kill Preeta, Nilesh also tried but failed, and then she also attempted to suffocate Preeta. She recalls the times Preeta got saved. She tells that Preeta doesn’t die. She asks what should she do now. Aarohi tells that Nidhi should try something else. She asks her to get a snake and make it bite Preeta. Shanaya looks for Girish. She tells that she will show Girish his right place when she gets married to Shaurya and comes home. She jokes on Nidhi. She finds Rakhi a soft target. Palki reaches there to make soup for Bani. Shanaya asks why is she working as a cook when she is a doctor. Palki tells that it is part of her duty to maintain Bani’s diet.

She adds that she loves Bani. Shanaya asks her to give her a glass of water. Palki asks Shanaya what is going on between Rajveer and her. Shanaya sees Shaurya and lies that Rajveer loves her and even she loves him. She sings praises of Rajveer to anger Shaurya. She tells that Rajveer treats her like a special friend. Palki gets upset. Karan tells Rajveer that he is going much ahead. Rajveer asks what he means. Karan teases him. Rajveer asks why is he smiling. Karan confuses him. Rakhi asks Karan to not trouble Rajveer. She says that she likes to see them talking. Karan laughs. He says that he is teasing Rajveer, because Rishabh isn’t around. He wants someone to pull his leg. Rajveer also jokes about Karan.

He tells that Karan is talented and his talent is to trouble people. Karan tells that he doesn’t trouble anyone. Rakhi complains that Karan troubles her a lot. Karan asks her not to change her side. Rakhi tells that she loves Rajveer. Rajveer feels Rakhi loves Preeta. Kavya tells Karan that she has to go to the market. He doesn’t allow her and tells that the weather is bad. He asks her to give the list of things and he will arrange it. She tells that she has to go and buy the Rakhi for her brother. Rajveer gets upset that Kavya doesn’t know about him. Shaurya tells that he is ready to take them. He asks Sandy to accompany him. He tells that they will drop Palki and Shanaya. Shanaya asks him to drop Palki. She states that she wants to go on a bike, and Rajveer will drop her. Rajveer asks Shaurya to take Kavya to the market.

He tells that he will drop Palki and Shanaya home. Karan likes his idea. Kritika calls Karan and reminds that it’s Raksha Bandhan and she wants an expensive gift. Karan asks her not to loot him. Kritika laughs. Rakhi asks Kritika to come back soon. Kritika tells that her jewelry exhibition went well. Rakhi tells that Karan and Rishabh will give her the gifts she wants. She reveals that she has called Rishabh home for Raksha Bandhan.

Karan asks Shaurya to take Kavya to the market. He tells that the office will be closed on the festive day, and Rajveer should come home on time. Later, Mohit finds Rajveer sad and asks the matter. Rajveer asks if he knows what’s tomorrow. Mohit thinks it’s Rajveer’s birthday and wishes him well. Rajveer tells that it’s Raksha Bandhan and he can’t ask Kavya to tie him to the Rakhi. He misses Kavya. He tells that he can’t tell Kavya that he is her brother. Mohit asks him to have faith and hope. He is sure that Kavya will tie the Rakhi to Rajveer on knowing the truth.

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