1 surprise bundle in YRKKH Pandya Store Titli

1 surprise bundle in YRKKH Pandya Store Titli

1 surprise bundle in YRKKH Pandya Store Titli. Muskaan sadly remembers her brother as she looks upon the rakhi. She talks to Abhinav’s picture and begs him to come back. Akshara is with her, offering solace but Muskaan asks who she will decorate the thread of protection for since Abhinav isn’t here. Tears stream down her cheeks as Akshara tries to comfort her. Aarohi and Akshara tie a rakhi on Kairav’s hand, but Muskaan is clearly missing Abhinav. The festival of Rakhi brings her closer to Abhimanyu as Akshara takes up a case involving goons, who instead attack Muskaan. When Abhimanyu arrives and risks his own life to protect hers, Muskaan realizes the magnitude of his feelings towards her. She apologizes for her behavior and ties a rakhi around his wrist. Will this finally help Muskaan understand the situation between Akshara and Abhimanyu? Will she change her heart and forgive Abhimanyu? Stay tuned.

Pandya Store:


Chiku steps into the room with the intent to take the jewelry, only to find Natasha wearing it. He contemplates knocking her unconscious until Dhawal stays outside the room talking to Suman. He mentions wanting her signature on the marriage registration papers. Natasha inquires if she looks good and Chiku awkwardly agrees before rendering her unconscious. Chiku bundles Natasha into the vehicle and drives away with Chirag in pursuit. Suman insists they have gone, and Shesh remarks that she must have fled with Chiku. Dhawal gazes on, aghast.


Manikant scolds Titli before shutting the door in her face. Sobbing, she calls out to Garv. He cannot believe what he has seen and asks Manikant how he could do something like this as Titli is his wife. Manikant is unreasonable in his response, asking what he does. Garv insists that it’s her house too and she should be allowed to stay. Titli continues crying until Dada Ji appears with Jalebis for her, cheering her up a little bit. Noticing the situation around him, Dada ji sadly remarks that this isn’t a family anymore – because everyone’s too busy to spend time with him.

Titli tries to console him, explaining that people are angry with her as they love him very much and got scared when he was lost due to her actions – although she quickly attempts to cover it up. She then advises him to go inside and not pay attention to what had happened earlier. Resuming his harsh tone, Manikant adds that Garv needs to learn how to handle his wife; accusingly pointing out that she only enjoys a luxurious life because of him – therefore implying that he must take charge and behave like a man.


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