Amazon Prime Video Premieres The Wheel of Time Season 2

Amazon Prime Video Premieres The Wheel of Time Season 2

Amazon Prime Video Premieres The Wheel of Time Season 2. The narrative is set in a distant future of Earth, where the One Power grants extraordinary abilities to individuals. However, due to its corrupt nature, only women are allowed to access and use it. Aes Sedai is an organization that makes sure men with this ability remain tightly controlled and don’t become a threat. Moiriane (Rosamund Pike) arrives in the village of Two Rivers and then finds herself in an awful situation when Dark One’s servants arrive and attack. To protect the villagers she believes to be the special Dragon Reborn, she leads them away from danger and out of the village. Moiraine is a member of a mysterious organization. She embarks on a quest with five youths, hoping one might be the Dragon – an entity said to be capable of either saving or destroying the world.

For two decades, Moiraine had been on the search for the Dragon Reborn. Eventually, she managed to identify him as Rand Al’Thor and took him to the Eye of the World to face off against the Dark One. Despite their initial success, Moiraine was stripped of her access to the One Power during their confrontation. After discovering his role as the Dragon Reborn, the reincarnated most potent channeler, Rand journeyed to the Eye of the World to defeat the Dark One. Having seemingly accomplished his mission, he went into seclusion to let others believe that he had perished, thereby protecting those closest to him.


Even though Rand believed he had vanquished the Dark One, darkness has not disappeared from the earth. Unfamiliar and ancient dangers are searching for the allies of the Two Rivers, who have spread out around the planet. The person who first discovered them and showed them the way can do nothing to come to their aid, so they must find internal or external strength in themselves, in the Light…or even in the Dark.

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