Imlie Parineetii 1st September 2023 Upcoming twists

Imlie Parineetii 1st September 2023 Upcoming twists

Imlie Parineetii 1st September 2023 Upcoming twists. Atharva and Imlie arrive at a restricted area, where they are stopped by a guard. They explain that their baby was kidnapped and brought there, so they have to try and find her. The boss then steps in, appearing to be supportive of their plight. He marches up to the kidnappers and berates them for bringing both the police and the baby’s parents into the equation. The kidnappers implore him to get them out of there safely. The boss commands them to hide the baby in a fruit basket, before coming back to Imlie and Atharva empty-handed with news that he could not locate their daughter. Imlie breaks down in tears, convinced they wouldn’t find her if she was taken past the state border. However, against all odds, the couple retrieves their daughter due to divine intervention – rejoicing that their family is once again complete. But just as they finished celebrating, an earthquake occurred that shook up their house.



Bebe and Neeti stand together, and Bebe fervently prays, pleading for Neeti’s happiness. She views her as a daughter and is aware that Pari is the source of her suffering, having driven Sanju away. Bebe declares that when Pari and the baby are gone she will donate heavily to charity. Neeti urges her to cease such prayers but her aunt insists they must trust in their actions. At that moment, the murderer and nurse arrive at the scene; Neeti expresses a wish to witness Pari endure agony in losing her child first, as retribution for all of the pain she has caused.

Bebe takes Neeti along to reassure her; that they can’t find Pari, and even if they do, it won’t mean anything. Pami is shouting instructions to the staff to locate Pari. The nurse and the killer increase the dosage of poisonous gas in her room so that she’ll die quickly. Sobbing, Pari cries out for help, remembering how the nurse had attacked her before. She doesn’t understand why someone would want to hurt her and Rajiv. As Rajiv sleeps uneasily, she struggles unsuccessfully to stand up before fainting into unconsciousness.


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