1 Redux in YRKKH to hint Abhira Wedding

1 Redux in YRKKH to hint Abhira Wedding

1 Redux in YRKKH to hint Abhira Wedding. Abhimanyu rescues Akshara but accidentally berates her. He tells her it’s dangerous to constantly put herself in harm’s way and that they had lost Neil because of this habit. Akshara stares at him and responds, expressing that she had been foolish to assume they had moved on since Neil’s death six years prior. Nothing has changed, she continues, and nothing will ever change between them as she turns away, leaving Abhimanyu behind. Akshara cries and recalls his harsh words while remembering Neil’s passing. It was then that Abhimanyu himself remembered the trauma he went through after the tragedy, regretting being a source of her sorrow again.

He doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes that he made in the past. He wishes to lessen Akshara’s sorrow. He feels he must apologize to her. Abhimanyu meets her at Goenka’s house and finds the family celebrating Janmashtami. Some women find Akshara preparing the fruits for the puja and attempt to keep her away. They believe that as a widow, she is not suitable to take part in the puja. Abhimanyu apologizes to Akshara, through Manish observing the strange behavior of the women. Manish waits for them to voice their thoughts on the matter. Akshara inquires if Abhimanyu has found medicine for Abhir and adds that they should take him for a check-up.


However, she does not pay attention to him, accusing him of taunting her about past events. The Goenkas are aware of Akshara’s hard work in the arrangements, so they offer her the honor of revealing the Idol. However, guests impede her. A lady speaks up that Akshara shouldn’t do it as she is a widow. Both Birlas and Goenkas are taken aback by the harsh judgment of society against Akshara. Abhimanyu stands firm in support of her, while the guests question about their wedding. Does this hint towards an upcoming marriage between Abhimaan and Akshara? Keep reading.

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Dhawal and Natasha proceed to the mandap. Suman ties the gathbandhan as they circle around. Everyone applauds. Dhawal apologizes silently to her for deceiving her, wondering if she will forgive him. He adorns her with a mangalsutra and fills her parting with sindoor, all while thinking of Amrish’s words. With marriage formalities complete, his thoughts drift onto getting Natasha to sign the paperwork for Amrish. Amba watches solemnly by his side. Suman is happy that Natasha got the best life partner. Natasha remarks to Dhawal that she has a joint family and her first “rasoi” is tomorrow. Amrish affirms that she will be solely responsible for the kitchen while he will take charge of demolishing the Pandya Store. Chiku contemplates a trip back to Somnath as soon as he learns of the destruction of the store, offering him an opportunity to encounter his kin and query them.


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