Anupama Adhik Epic clash 5th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama Adhik Epic clash 5th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama Adhik Epic clash 5th September 2023 Written Update. Anupama remembers Adhik telling Barkha to not contact the Police for the sake of their reputation. Having come into the kitchen, she invites him to have some sweets and he is successful in demonstrating Romil’s guilt before every single person. He questions why he would do that, and Anupama informs him that the workers had told her everything. Anupama asks him how he became aware that there wasn’t anyone at home when he took away the cash, to which Anupama answers it was Barkha who said nobody was present in the house. Furthermore, Barkha and Pakhi had not revealed to her that money was found stashed in a cupboard.

Anupama remarks that his deceit and misdeeds are revealed, adding there is no covering up his deceit from a mother’s watchful eye. She then states that Pakhi has made her point. Pakhi reiterates that the couple should be happy and together, asking why Anupama would seek to tear them apart. Anupama questions Pakhi if she has gone mad. Unfazed, the latter says she will act in a wild manner if the meddling persists, and departs the scene. Adhik chimes in, warning that they must put an end to this situation as they have witnessed her fury; he is frightened by it. She tells you and Barkha that the game is afoot, and warns that if she joins in, the tables will be turned and she may not allow you to leave unscathed.


Anupama speaks to Anuj about Romil. Anuj expresses his concerns to Anupama about Romil’s misbehavior and suggests moving him to a hostel, knowing that Pakhi would not comply. Anupama then informs him that Romil didn’t steal Adhik’s money, it was planted in his room to set him up. Anuj is startled by the news. Anuj states that his kin has caused him pain and been untrustworthy. Barkha fears that Anupama will cast them out. Adhik claims he holds her feeble courage within his grasp, declaring Pakhi is the barrier shielding him from having to take up a job and calls her stupid.

Adhik says that their opponents humiliate and intimidate them but are unwilling to heed what they have to say, deepening Anuj’s worries as it pertains to Adhik, who is becoming more resolute by the moment. Anupama knows both Barkha and Adhik are super cunning and they are using Pakhi for their benefit. Anuj claims that Pakhi won’t accept Adhik is wrong until we have the proof. Anupama says that he’ll keep her as a shield until he is unveiled, and we are not able to achieve this. Adhik confidently proclaims that Pakhi is under his command, and with her assistance, he will wrest control over the Kapadia enterprise.

Barkha asks him to make arrangements for Rakhi’s celebration and Adhik declares it will be his gift to them – ridding of both Romil and Pakhi from their lives soon. Adhik disappears from Pakhi and blames Anupama. He proves that Anupama has compelled Pakhi to leave the house. Anupama questions Adhik about Pakhi, who has been missing for 24 hours. He asks her to question herself. He remembers Pakhi’s words. He says that she should have stayed calm and supported Pakhi, instead of provoking her. He says that he is afraid for Pakhi’s life.


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