Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Update Rajveer's truth

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth. Shrishti tells Gurpreet the truth of Preeta’s past. She says that Karan Luthra is Preeta’s husband. Gurpreet is shocked. Shrishti tells that Rajveer is Rudra, he is Karan’s son and Shaurya’s twin brother. Gurpreet can’t believe it. Rajveer questions Karan about Preeta in a taunting way. Rakhi and Rishabh try to stop Karan. Karan gets angry and rebukes Rajveer. He tells that he would have memorably answered Rajveer, but he is sparing him just because he has saved Kavya’s life. Rajveer saves Kavya’s life. Kavya gets okay after the doctor gives her the antidote. She tells that Rajveer is also her brother. She calls him her Rakhi brother.

She asks Rajveer to sit beside Shaurya. She ties the Rakhi to both her brothers. She hugs Rajveer and thanks her for giving her this beautiful relationship. The family is happy to get another son. Rajveer is emotional to bond with the family. Nidhi knows that Rajveer and Kavya are siblings. She doesn’t reveal it to anyone. Rajveer hugs Karan when he gets too emotional seeing the family’s affection. Karan is surprised because Rajveer never expresses his feelings openly. The family starts seeing Rajveer as Shaurya’s elder brother Rudra. They feel their family is complete. Karan wishes Preeta to return home before Kavya’s marriage. Preeta tells Shrishti that she is going to Luthra’s house. What will happen next? Keep reading for a full written update on your favorite show Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth:

Kareena tells Shaurya that he should say thanks to Rajveer. She sees Nidhi’s reflection in Shaurya. She tells that it’s not Shaurya’s fault, his upbringing is wrong and that’s why he has become self-centered. She asks him to think about what is right and wrong. She scolds Nidhi for spoiling Shaurya. She tells that Nidhi should be thankful to Rajveer for saving Kavya’s life. Kritika also lectures Nidhi. Nidhi tells that she was talking in favor of the family. The doctor tells them that Rajveer and Kavya are out of danger now. He praises Rajveer for saving Kavya’s life. He tells that Karan would have lost Kavya forever if Rajveer hadn’t stepped ahead to remove the poison.

He advises Karan to find the snake at the earliest. Rishabh takes the anti-venom as a backup option. He thanks the doctor. Rajveer and Kavya gain consciousness. Kavya says that she will tie the Rakhi and complete the ritual. Rakhi asks her to take some rest. Bani supports Kavya. Rajveer tells that he will go home because his family will be waiting for him. Kavya stops him from tying the Rakhi to him because he has already kept the promise of protecting her. The family is surprised to see their bonding. Shaurya isn’t happy. Kavya tells Rajveer that they chose this relationship. Rajveer says that she got one Rakhi. He asks if he should go and get a Rakhi for him. She tells that she already got two Rakhis for her two brothers.

Shaurya walks out in anger. Karan reprimands him. Rajveer comments that relationships are a joke for Karan. Karan is already mad at Shaurya. He vents his anger on Rajveer. Preeta gets stable. Shrishti and Gurpreet ask her if she is okay. Preeta asks why are they so worried. Shrishti is glad that Preeta doesn’t remember anything. Rajveer tells that Karan has said the wrong thing. He doesn’t want to sound rude. He asks how can he ask Kavya to not tie the Rakhi to Shaurya. He tells that Kavya and Shaurya’s relationship is strong, Karan can’t cut off a relationship in anger, relationships grow with love and Karan shouldn’t take it lightly. Karan tells that he is sparing Rajveer just because the latter saved Kavya’s life.

Rishabh stops Karan. He tells Rajveer that Karan didn’t mean to say that, he is just angry at Shaurya for walking out, and he values relationships a lot. He asks Rajveer to understand his mistake. Rajveer apologizes to Karan. He tells that he values relationships a lot. Karan tells that he values people more. Rishabh adds that he values family. He asks them to stop comparing relationships. Mahesh praises Rishabh. The family jokes about Karan’s arrogant behavior. Rajveer tells that Shaurya has gone on Karan. Karan asks him what problem he has. He knows Rajveer has a hatred for him because of some old wound. He asks Rajveer to tell him the truth. Rajveer hates him for ruining Preeta’s life. Karan can see the anger in his eyes. He asks him to just spill the beans. He continues to question Rajveer.

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Shaurya gets mad in anger that Kavya just loves Rajveer. He tells Nidhi that Kavya was delivering heavy dialogues and praising Rajveer. He can’t see Rajveer winning so much praise. He asks Nidhi why did she tell everyone that Rajveer might get affected by poison. He tells that she made Rajveer a hero. Nidhi tells him that they have to make their enemy a friend something. She explains that emotions lose out always. She asks him to play it smart, else Rajveer will replace him in the family. She tells that Rajveer has saved Kavya and won her heart. She adds that the entire family will sing Rajveer’s praise. She asks him not to lose. She takes him for the Rakhi ritual. Karan asks Rajveer to speak up.

Rakhi asks him not to make it an issue. Karan tells that he can see a problem in front of him. Rajveer tells that he is ready to answer Karan. Rishabh and Mahesh stop Rajveer. Rajveer rejects the call. They ask him to take the call. They send Rajveer. Rishabh asks Karan what doesn’t he spare Rajveer. Karan tells that Rajveer has a problem with him. The family members support Rajveer. Karan gets upset that they sided with Rajveer. Kavya asks Karan not to feel like that. Karan asks Kritika to take his side. He wants a frank opinion. Kritika tells that she loves him, but he is wrong, Rajveer is young, and Karan shouldn’t compete with him.

Karan admits that he is wrong. Rishabh laughs. Karan tells that he accepts his mistake. He adds that he will apologize to Rajveer if they want. Kavya asks him to just hug Rajveer with love. Karan agrees to her wish. Gurpreet asks Shrishti why is she so tense. Shrishti tells that Preeta is getting haunted by the past. Gurpreet tells that its good if Preeta remembers the past. Shrishti tells her that Preeta will remember the truth, Karan is her husband and Luthras are her family. She asks Gurpreet not to tell this to anyone. Gurpreet agrees. Shrishti tells her that Karan is Preeta’s husband, Rajveer is Karan’s son, he is Shaurya’s twin and Kavya is their elder sister. Gurpreet is stunned.

Shrishti tells that Preeta is mentally weak, and shouldn’t remember the past. Gurpreet asks what happened in the past that Preeta lost her memory. Shrishti tells that there are many bitter memories. She tells Gurpreet about the day when Preeta met with an accident. She adds that Nidhi’s sister Anjali was behind the accident. She asserts that Luthras had snatched Shaurya from Preeta and ousted her from the family. She recalls the humiliation Preeta faced. She narrates the incident to Gurpreet. She swears to end ties with Luthras.

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