YRKKH 5th September 2023 Written Update Naira’s act

YRKKH 5th September 2023 Written Update Naira's act

YRKKH 5th September 2023 Written Update Naira’s act. Some women make excuses and stop Akshara from making the puja arrangements. Manish finds it odd. Abhimanyu is troubled because of his fight with Akshara. Shefali says that she can see it on his face that he fought with Akshara. He tells that he reminded Akshara about the old incident. He adds that he wasn’t blaming her. She asks him to talk to Akshara and explain to her. She tells that their relationship shouldn’t get spoiled. Akshara gets hindered by the women again. The women say that Akshara shouldn’t do the puja arrangements. Abhimanyu and Manish question the women and ask them why are they posing obstacles. The women object to Akshara’s involvement because she is a widow. They don’t want a widow to become a part of the puja.

They argue with the Goenkas. Akshara gets worried. Abhimanyu tells that she will become a part of the puja rituals. Akshara tells the women that a widow can perform the puja. She asks them to prove it if it’s written in any book. She takes a firm stand for herself and answers the women. She asks them to update themselves. She scolds them that she can’t teach them decency. She asks them not to insult a woman. The women don’t understand and oppose her. Akshara asks them who are they to differentiate between Kanha’s devotees. She advises the women to leave. She says that she will not tolerate sinners like them. The family stands in support of Akshara.


She adds that she will leave and perform the puja at some other place. The kids stop her from leaving. The family says that Akshara will perform the puja. The women tell that the elders are wrong, and that’s why Akshara is wrong. Abhimanyu asks Akshara not to go anywhere. Manish doesn’t want the guests to decide about their puja. He is ready to leave if Akshara goes away. The neighbors don’t listen to Goenkas and continue to insult Akshara. They go to unveil the idol but find the rope stuck.

Abhir takes Akshara for the puja. Akshara unveils the Kanha idols. Abhir and Abhimanyu explain to the guests that they are wrong to make fun of someone’s sorrowful time. Abhimanyu lectures them. The women stop Akshara from leaving. They ask Akshara to forgive them and perform the aarti. Akshara performs the aarti. Everyone is enthusiastic. Akshara is seen fighting for herself and displays the courage and strength of her mother Naira.

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