Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2023 Written Update Neelam struck

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2023 Written Update Neelam struck

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2023 Written Update Neelam struck. Rishi and Malishka arrive downstairs. Karishma compliments Malishka who looks well. Rishi thinks Lakshmi is hiding something. He feels Lakshmi has faced trouble. He gets restless that he is getting engaged to Malishka. He has a fear that Lakshmi will fall in danger. Ayush and Shalu have a funny banter. She gets angry seeing Malishka with Rishi. She knows Rishi wants to go to Lakshmi, but he is helpless because of Malishka. He asks her to calm down. The goons plan to handle the watchman first and then enter the house. Bani tells Lakshmi that Rishi kept the engagement ring safe because he loves her a lot. Lakshmi says that even friends keep each other’s memories safe. She doesn’t listen to Bani. The goons make their way inside the house. They think of robbing the house room-wise.

Lakshmi and Bani go downstairs. Bani tells Shalu and Ayush about Rishi and Lakshmi’s engagement ring. Sonia and Sonal are happy that Rishi and Malishka are getting together. They want to do something grand. They put up a dance performance for Rishi and Malishka. The goons enter Neelam’s room. They find the safe in the cupboard and try to open it. They are shocked to see a lot of cash and jewelry. Sonia and Sonal entertain everyone. Ayush tells Shalu that they will also dance and sort everything according to their plan. They join Rishi and Malishka. Lakshmi sees Rishi and Malishka and hides her emotions. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and her engagement. The goons clean up the safe completely. They look for the hidden locker.


Virender-Neelam, Kiran-Abhay, and everyone are happy for Rishi and Malishka. Ayush flirts with Shalu. He asks her if there is a reason to come close to him. He wants a kiss from her. She tells that she will slap him. Kiran and Abhay can’t believe that Oberois just thinks of Lakshmi. Kiran adds that Neelam, Karishma, and Sonia always stand by Malishka. She tells Abhay that Dadi has stopped Lakshmi. She doesn’t know Dadi’s motives. Ayush tells Shalu that he doesn’t want her slap. She says that she was just joking. He misses the old time when Lakshmi was married to Rishi. He tells that Rishi is still seeing Lakshmi, he wants to dance with her but he is stuck with Malishka.

Ayush and Shalu find a way to help Rishi. He wishes Rishi and Lakshmi admit their feelings to each other. He tells that she is his heroine. He expresses his feelings of love. Shalu gets glad. Dadi wishes to explain to Neelam that Lakshmi is the best Bahu for the family. Virender and Neelam reminisce about their past. He compliments her evergreen beauty. She goes to get the rings for Rishi and Malishka. The goons don’t get the hidden locker. They think of searching other rooms. Their boss is seen, as keeping his identity discrete. Ayush and Shalu swap the dance partners. Shalu asks Bani to send Lakshmi to the dance floor.

Ayush dances with Malishka. She tells that she will become his Bhabhi very soon. He says that he is helpless to dance with her. Neelam is glad that her dream is being fulfilled. She is shocked to find the goons in the house. She questions who are they. She finds them with the robbed cash and jewelry. The goons find her a threat and attack her.


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