Kundali Bhagya 3 twists to expect in the coming track

Kundali Bhagya 3 twists to expect in the coming track

Kundali Bhagya 3 twists to expect in the coming track. Twist #1 Preeta determined to meet the Luthras: Gurpreet and Shrishti marvel at Preeta’s ability to sense Kavya was in danger. Gurpreet insists that, as a mother, she has an innate connection with her kids, allowing her to tell if something is wrong. Similarly, Shrishti specifies that Preeta is always connected to her children and may be reminded of the past when she meets them. Before long, Preeta approaches Shrishti and requests her help in going to the Luthra family house.

Twist #2 Nidhi to get rid of Rajveer:


Shaurya regrets that Kavya now has another brother, making him have to share her love. In anger he expressed himself, but Nidhi reasoned with him that their relationship would remain the same if she took Rajveer in as a brother. Karan is impressed with Shaurya’s mature handling of the situation. He is reluctant to tie a Rakhi, and Nidhi encourages him to put on an act and get some emotion out of it. She says she will make sure Rajveer leaves them alone forever. Kritika inquires what exchange they are making when Shaurya requests Nidhi for a special gift for Kavya. Nidhi promises Shaurya that she will be ousting Rajveer from their lives in a week. She says that Rajveer will be leaving their lives next week and then he will never come back. What is Nidhi up to?

Twist #3 Janmashtami celebrations filled with twists and turns:

Rajveer joins his fellow ladies as they talk of Janmashtami, however, Nidhi disapproves and takes off upon receiving a call from Shambhu. Preeta is certain she was the one who attacked her, declaring she’ll go to the Luthra residence herself to find out if there are any nail scratches on her face. She also intends to request an explanation from Nidhi. Seeing that Preeta wouldn’t be content with anything less than travelling alone, Shrishti powerless agrees to accompany her.

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