Star Plus Anupama Imlie Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming

Star Plus Anupama Imlie Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming

Star Plus Anupama Imlie Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming. Anagha expresses her anger at Hemant’s absence and Mrunal attempts to intercede. Aaji asks them to remain calm while Anagha insists that Vijay should have sold the house to prevent this. Anagha remarks that despite Vandana’s kindness she can no longer bear it. Vandana pleads with her not to think so, but Mrunal chimes in arguing that Anagha cannot decide what is best for her life. However, Anagha stands firm and claims she has the right to make decisions for herself. Vandana tells Anagha she can’t stop her today; Hemant has fulfilled his duty, they both express their mutual love before Anagha leaves and Vandana cries. Kunal sees Vaibhav with somebody else and learns he’s been unfaithful to Vandana. Vijay adds that Anagha should consider what’s best for her and Shivam – all the while respecting her decision.



Anu arrives at the NGO previously visited by Imlie. To convince the people there, she lies that the girls’ parents are dead and brings them in. Kairi instantly refutes her words, informing them of how Anu took them away from their families, who were very much still alive. She then hands Kairi over to the NGO personnel before leaving. As Imlie runs along the road, she eventually tires and collapses unconscious. Fortunately, a couple happens to spot her and revive her with their help.

Subsequently, Imlie mentions needing to find her children who were taken to the NGO. Kairi’s reluctance to leave her sister is met with intimidation from the NGO staff, so she complies and settles down next to the other children. Imlie calls Atharva, who inquires if the little ones are with her. She informs that Anu had taken them to the NGO.


Anupama inquires Adhik about Pakhi’s whereabouts, to which he responds by accusing her before the Shah family of pushing her out. Anupama questions Adhik if she should have been quiet and he answers that she should keep within her boundaries. He voices his unease over what Pakhi might do, to which Anupama denies the bad happening. She gets terrified thinking of Pakhi falling into an unseen danger.


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