Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra house; Goes Unseen

Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra house; Goes Unseen

Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra’s house and Goes Unseen. Preeta reaches the Luthra house. She enters the big mansion and roams around the house, but none of the family members see her. She doesn’t get spotted by anyone. She skips from everyone’s sight unintended. Preeta looks for Nidhi. She sees Nidhi going in the corridor and follows her. She loses her way. She doesn’t have any memory of the Luthra house. She doesn’t call out Nidhi. She drops a vase. Nidhi hears the sound and comes to check. She doesn’t see Preeta, who stands behind the pillar. Preeta wants to confront Nidhi for attempting to kill her. Nidhi wants to keep Preeta away from the family. Preeta meets the maid, who doesn’t recognize her. The maid doesn’t inform anyone about Preeta. Nidhi spots Preeta in the house. She thinks to drag Preeta out of the house. Preeta fails to meet the Luthra family, who are anxiously waiting for her comeback.



Titli scolds Garv for hurting her physically and emotionally. She doesn’t forgive him. She asks him to understand this thing and change himself. Hiral records their conversation to inform Ankit about Garv. She wants Garv arrested. She says that Janmashtami will be fun this time. Titli is upset with Garv. They perform the puja together. Garv wants Titli to forgive him. The family expects Titli to give them good news soon. They want to welcome Garv’s child. Garv and Titli have a moment. Hiral plans to sabotage Titli’s life. She sees Garv attempting to convince Titli. Titli tries to find out about Chiku’s connection with Garv. She will soon learn that Chiku was Garv’s elder brother.

Kathaa Ankahee:

Aarav finds Teji unconscious. Viaan and Katha rush to check on Teji. Maasi is against Katha and wants to stop Viaan and Katha’s marriage. She devises a plan to find out how Katha had managed to get one crore rupees for Aarav’s treatment. She knows it’s not easy to arrange such a big amount overnight. Katha and Viaan have a moment. Maasi questions Katha about Viaan and her equations in the beginning.

Pandya Store:

Chiku begins to demolish the stores in the Sadar Bazaar. Suman and her grandsons are not aware of Chiku’s entry. Chiku hides his identity. He goes ahead to demolish the Pandya store. He operates a bulldozer and fulfills his demolition contract. Chiku doesn’t stop his work. Suman comes in front of the store and asks Chiku to stop. She says that she didn’t permit anyone to demolish the store. Chiku says that he has got the order from Amrish Makhwana. Suman is in shock. He is angry because he thinks the family has been unfair towards him. Soon, his misunderstandings will be cleared. Suman cries and summons Natasha to the store. Natasha tries to protect her store.



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