Top 3 Picks Bhagya Lakshmi Parineetii Titli Upcoming

Top 3 Picks Bhagya Lakshmi Parineetii Titli Upcoming

Top 3 Picks Bhagya Lakshmi Parineetii Titli Upcoming. Lakshmi gets the medicines for Neelam. She asks Neelam to take the medicines. Neelam feels better. She wants to tell Lakshmi about the robbers. Lakshmi rushes outside. The goon speaks to his boss Vikrant, and updates him about the situation in the Oberoi mansion. He says that he will do the work and get the person Vikrant wants. He asks Vikrant to keep the money ready. Vikrant orders him to kidnap Lakshmi. Vikrant waits for Lakshmi. The goon assures that he will give good news soon. Ayush asks Rishi to be happy that Malishka is there in his fate. Lakshmi faces the robbers and is astonished by the threat.



Garv embraces Titli and says thank you for arranging such a wonderful birthday celebration. Although his words don’t seem to be acknowledged, he tries to justify himself by mentioning the picture. He notices her upset and questions if they could make matters right as he wants them to understand each other. But Titli is unconvinced until he gives her the respect she deserves, and declares they can not come close. Garv claims that Titli has contradictory standards because she didn’t leave when he asked her to walk out of their relationship. She expresses her confusion, noting the stark contrast between the love she receives and the anger that follows it. He answers with an ultimatum; stay away if she wishes, but he challenges her to return the next day and come to him.


Bebe claims that everyone will be held accountable for their actions. Pammi inquires, seemingly suspicious about the intentions of Bebe. Bebe responds, warning them both of the heartache ensuing from the dissolution of their home and family. Thinking ahead to when this home will no longer stand, Bebe realizes it is finally time to break the silence as she predicts a storm that will soon arrive and take it all away, forewarning that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. She tells Pammi she should bring her husband so he can witness the tumultuous event as well. This causes Gurvindar to worry for Sanju, Neeti, and Pari. Pari is filled with memories of her time spent in the household. She remembers arriving as a daughter-in-law, though they had Neeti to blame her for everything.


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