Double Dhoom Kumkum Bhagya Radha Mohan Upcoming

Double Dhoom Kumkum Bhagya Radha Mohan Upcoming

Double Dhoom Kumkum Bhagya Radha Mohan Upcoming. Ranbir tells Mihika that they don’t love each other and she is very aware of this fact. He adds that they just had a compromise, a deal between them, and nothing else. He asks her to stop telling herself that she loves him and he is the love of her life, who is going away from her. He adds that he was never the love of her life. Mihika says no, and weeps. Ranbir leaves the house. Pallavi and Dida take him back to Kohli’s house. Mihika is left devastated. Manpreet informs Ranbir that Mihika has committed suicide. Ranbir is in shock. Akshay calls the cops. He complains about Ranbir. He says that Ranbir Kohli is the person who is responsible for Mihika’s suicide. He says that Mihika made this big move because of Ranbir. He requests the inspector to arrest Ranbir.

Radha Mohan:


Kadambari announces that only ten hours remain until Radha’s execution, and she can’t conceive of any solution to rescue her. Mohan rushes into the room, querying Gungun about the letters her Grandmother gave her; Kadambari questions what has happened when Mohan explains it could be the means of saving Radha. Gungun informs Mohan that the police have confiscated all the letters. Kadambari mentions the letters are with the police, leaving Mohan to ponder their retrieval. Making a call to Shekhar he informs that Gungun had their only hope of saving Radha – the letters, but they now rest in police custody. Bhushan swears to seek vengeance for all the humiliation he has endured, and he is determined to deliver a suitable response to Radha.

She retorts that, while he can certainly attempt whatever he wishes, she has seen enough movies to know how this tale always ends; the hero -her husband Mohan- and heroine -herself- prevail in the end. Radha insists they should make the most of the night since settling accounts will be far harder tomorrow. She presses them to get going and, as Damini and Bhushan depart, Gungun silently wishes for her return. Just then Mohan catches up with Bhushan. Seeing him, both Damini and Bhushan are taken aback; when asked if he has seen Radha’s eyes, Bhushan replies positively but is left surprised by Mohan’s presence.

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