Kundali Bhagya Karan in love Preeta returns

Kundali Bhagya Karan in love Preeta returns

Kundali Bhagya Karan in love Preeta returns. Nidhi enters the room, pondering how many times Shambhu would try to call her. She assumes he’ll get worn out at some point. Shambhu supposed that Nidhi was not paying him his rightfully earned money and was considering punishing her if she did not. He also wanted to caution Nidhi that Preeta was in hot pursuit of her. Finally, Nidhi hung up the phone and went inside the washroom. As soon as Shambhu dropped his cell phone by mistake, he glimpsed the constables coming towards his location and questioned if they were there searching for him before he quickly exited with his device. The policemen moved to a nearby tea stall enquiring about the tea.

Preeta requests Shrishti to stop their auto in the market. When Preeta suggests they could reach home faster if they walk from this road, Shrishti consents. In the meantime, Karan and Rishabh are on their way home. To Karan’s irritation, Rishabh begins laughing, explaining how he values the laws of traffic and that everyone should follow them. As Preeta and Shrishti exit their ride and start trekking towards home, a feeling of puzzlement engulfs Karan. Karan senses Preeta’s coming and turns to see.


Later, Karan and Preeta have a huge hit-and-miss when she enters the house and goes unnoticed. Karan is inside his room. Karan gets a red heart-shaped balloon. He plays with it. He gets reminded of his past moment with Preeta. He thinks of Preeta and talks to the balloon. He gets happy in his own world. He dreams of a union with Preeta. Rakhi comes to see him. She finds him happy after a long time. She gets a smile on her face. She asks him the reason for his happiness. She teases him about Preeta. He loves Preeta a lot.


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