YRKKH Trauma track 9th September 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Trauma track 9th September 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Trauma track 9th September 2023 Written Update. Akshara’s singing revives Manjiri. She brings Manjiri to consciousness, which surprises the family members. Doctors are amazed to see the magical effect of Akshara’s voice on Manjiri. Akshara smiles seeing Manjiri awakening. Manjiri asks her if Abhimanyu is okay. Akshara tells that he is okay. Abhimanyu feels more guilty that his mother is only thinking of his well-being. Mahima meets Manjiri and hugs her. Abhimanyu doesn’t meet Manjiri and goes away. Akshara goes to tell him that his mother wants to see him. She asks him not to waste time and just go to Manjiri. Abhimanyu feels devastated with guilt. He tells that Manjiri is the best mother, but he isn’t the best son.

He feels bad that he didn’t save Manjiri. He says that Akshara has saved Manjiri’s life. Akshara encourages him by instilling confidence in him. He doesn’t listen to her. Manish tells Akshara that Abhimanyu is undergoing the natural feelings. He explains that the mother-son bond is such a strong one. He praises Abhimanyu. Surekha doesn’t want to understand Manjiri and Abhimanyu, who had put the guilt on Akshara’s head and ousted her from the house. She curses Abhimanyu. Akshara just remembers Abhimanyu’s good deeds. She asks Surekha to never curse Manjiri and Abhimanyu. Manjiri waits to see Abhimanyu. She meets her grandchildren. She gets emotional when they make lovely gestures.


Other side, Muskaan arrives at the office to meet Kairav. She meets his manager Pallavi. She tells that she is taking Kairav on a romantic date. She advises Pallavi to get married soon. Kairav asks Muskaan not to pretend love to show others. He explains to her that she is doing wrong. Manjiri returns home. She asks about Abhimanyu. Mahima and Shefali tell her that Abhimanyu is feeling guilty, and doesn’t want to face her. Manjiri learns the entire story. She wants to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu suffers by keeping himself away from Manjiri. Akshara and Abhir urge him to meet Manjiri. Abhimanyu asks Akshara not to help him because he didn’t help her when Neil passed away. She tells that she understands him and forgives him for the past.

She offers him friendship. She asks him to meet Manjiri. She assures that everything is okay. Muskaan finds them together and misunderstands them. Manjiri goes to prepare food for Abhimanyu. She gets panicking when she sees the fire on the stove. She feels traumatic. Mahima and Shefali try to calm down Manjiri. Abhimanyu arrives and finds his mother in trauma, which further increases his guilt. Manjiri faints. Shefali asks him to help Manjiri. He freezes. Mahima wonders what’s wrong with him. Abhimanyu resigns from the hospital. Akshara stops him from making this wrong move. She shows her faith in him.


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