1 Bad News YRKKH shatters Abhimanyu down

1 Bad News YRKKH shatters Abhimanyu down

1 Bad News YRKKH shatters Abhimanyu down. YRKKH 10th September 2023 Written Update. Abhimanyu fights with his guilt that goes to the peak of seeing Manjiri’s traumatic situation. He leaves home when he isn’t able to face her. Akshara puts Abhir to sleep. She finds Abhimanyu outside her house. She goes out to meet him. She realizes he is in pain. She asks him if he is okay. He reveals that Manjiri is in trauma and she has suffered from a panic attack on seeing the fire in the kitchen. He can’t meet Manjiri’s eyes. She consoles him. She tells that he should talk to Manjiri because he can end her trauma. She consoles him like he used to do during Abhinav’s painful leaving. She asks him to keep his promise and share his joy, sorrow, and chocolate. He asks her to visit Manjiri and sing to help her with anxiety.

She agrees to help Manjiri. He says that she will book a cab for her. She says that she will come with him on his bike. He suggests that they go in her car. She asks him to not stress. She goes to sit on his bike but feels a little uncomfortable. He brings her to Manjiri. Akshara sings and relieves Manjiri. She finds Abhimanyu hiding from Manjiri. Muskaan finds Pallavi’s watch with Kairav. Kairav clarifies the matter. She argues with him when he gives a new reason to doubt him. Abhimanyu takes a shocking decision and resigns from the Birla hospital. He tells Mahima that Parth is right about him. He feels he can’t save anyone’s life when he failed to save his mother. The staff feels sorry knowing this news.


Rohan calls up Akshara, knowing only she can stop Abhimanyu from leaving. Abhimanyu packs his stuff. The staff requests him to not leave. He tells that he has to leave. Akshara reaches there and reminds him about his patients. She says that he has saved many lives and he can save more people in the future. She asks him to have faith in himself. She tells that he has saved Abhir’s life too. She tears his resignation letter. She tells that he can’t leave because his profession is his identity.

She shows complete faith in him. She tells that she will not let him go away. She asks him to fight, instead of quitting. Shefali takes Manjiri to a temple. The car breaks down midway. Manjiri spots some fire sparks, that trigger her anxiety. She gets out of the car and runs away. Shefali finds her missing. She worriedly calls Abhimanyu. Akshara and Abhimanyu rush to the spot to find Manjiri. They worriedly try to locate Manjiri, who loses her senses and walks in the middle of the heavy traffic road.


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