4 Twists in Imlie marks the new major leap

4 Twists in Imlie marks the new major leap

4 Twists in Imlie marks the new major leap. Twist 1 Rudra requests Vivek Manchanda to not involve his family in their professional rivalry and requests him to return his granddaughter. However, instead of doing so, Vivek asks him to bow down and plead. In response, Ajay intervenes and apologises to Rudra on behalf of his father while professing that he is unable to re-acquire the baby but promises to take great care of her. Subsequently, Ranas along with a lawyer arrives at the police station seeking Imlie’s bail. Inspector informs them that Imlie allegedly trespassed Manchanda’s property and attempted to steal the baby, prompting Atharva to clarify that it actually belonged to them and she had gone there only to reclaim her child. Nevertheless, they are compelled to wait for the submission of the bail application only on Monday.

Twist #2 The Inspector notifies Vivek that Imlie had broken out of the station and was seen near his farmhouse, so he should be on guard. Baby’s room then suddenly erupts in flames. Vivek and Pooja suspect it was Imlie’s doing, as part of her plan to kidnap the infant. However, Imlie charges in and rescues the baby. Just as the Inspector arrives, she is detained for arson and attempted abduction. However, Pooja withdraws her complaint and hands the child back to Imlie. Imlie and Atharv get super happy to get their little Imlie back.


Twist #3 Atharva and Imlie head home with their children when tragedy strikes: Anu crashes into them, takes the kids, and drives away in a truck. Imlie and Atharva then brace themselves for the worst yet also pray to God to keep their little ones safe. By then, Anu’s vehicle had already broken down on the way – she gets out shouting at her driver before they reach her. The moment they get there, Imlie and Atharva snatch back their children. Outraged, Anu yells that nothing good will come of Imlie until she is alive. She then gathers a mob to back her up by falsely claiming that Imlie and Atharva were taking away her daughters. Imlie answers the attacking mob and makes them leave.

Twist #4 Atharv and Imlie rush with their daughters away when Anu follows them with a gun. At once, they put their children on a boat and safely send their children away. They ask Kairi to look after the baby. Anu arrives and shoots Atharva before Imlie throws a stone that hits his hand. He again takes up the gun and fires at her, causing Imlie to collapse to the ground. Atharva embraces her while wondering if this will be the end of their story.

Yet, she reassures him that it will not cease here and she will never leave him even in death. Atharva expresses his love for her, which she reciprocates before they wave goodbye to their daughters and pass away together, still holding hands. Imlie and Atharv’s story comes to an end. Anu requests that someone receive the two children she is sending and that she will send money monthly to support them. She wants to keep Imlie’s children far away from happiness and peace. A major leap will be seen. Imlie’s daughter is seen struggling in her life.


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