Radha Mohan 10th September 2023 Written Update Mohan’s struggle

Radha Mohan 10th September 2023 Written Update Mohan's struggle

Radha Mohan 10th September 2023 Written Update Mohan’s struggle. Damini is petrified when Mohan shoves Bhushan against the pillar, insisting he has colluded with her to take revenge against Radha. She attempts to intervene, but his menacing glare causes her to flee. As Bhushan scrambles to escape, Mohan relentlessly pursues him, prompting Damini to scurry in the opposite direction. Damini leaps into her car upon Mohan’s demand for her to open the door. Bhushan simultaneously escapes in an auto, trying to elude him. However, Shekhar rushes out of the house, quizzically asking where he is going. He informs them that he has discovered a way to gain access to the letters and Mohan reveals they only have a six-hour window to save Radha.

Mohan and Shekhar are anxiously awaiting the officials who get the letters with them. Mohan inquires about their delay as they have to rescue Radha before 11 o’clock before she is subjected to hanging. Shekhar signs the register after which Mohan happily confirms that they have received everything required to save her. Mohan and Shekhar depart as Bhushan is told of the situation by an official. He suggests they watch carefully. Damini inquires to Bhushan regarding Mohan’s actions, to which Bhushan responds that he arrived at the forensic department and received the letters.


However, Damini informs him that nothing in them can confirm Radha’s innocence since neither the handwriting nor fingerprints are a match. Mohan informs that they must present the case right away and Shekhar dials the magistrate in shock. He returns to Mohan who inquires as to why he looks so tense and he replicates that the hanging has been brought forward to eight o’clock, meaning Radha will be executed in one hour. Mohan is appalled and questions how this could be possible. Shekhar proposes it may be Damini’s doing and Mohan adds that even Bhushan’s uncle is backing her.


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