Udaariyaan Sukhi catches Armaan 10th September 2023

Udaariyaan Sukhi catches Armaan 10th September 2023

Udaariyaan Sukhi catches Armaan 10th September 2023 Written Update. Raja is delighted to think of Armaan in a sherwani. Everyone in the tanker is becoming increasingly confined, so Armaan asks the driver to halt the vehicle, but they tell him to remain silent since they are about to hit a police checkpoint. Jaggi called Minty for Armaan; he told her that it had been two days since they talked last. Aasma asked Minty to relax. Baby Bua expressed her doubts that Armaan wouldn’t make it to the mandap, according to Minty’s account.

Even though they are all suffocating, each passenger has a plastic bag over their head at the police checkpoint when the tanker arrives. As the officers board to investigate; something brushes against Armaan’s body. Sukhi approaches with assistance from some Sheikhs and urges Armaan to come home with him, though Armaan refuses. Armaan wants to fulfill Alia’s dreams and take her to Canada. Sukhi hinders Armaan and Alia’s plans. What will happen next? Will Armaan come back to marry Aasma? Or will Sukhi and Rano get Raja married to Aasma?



Dhara questions Titli if Garv had been violent, to which Title is taken aback. Realizing it is true, Dhara feels hurt and states firmly that he has no right to do so even though he is Titli’s husband. Even with this knowledge, Baa takes Garv’s side. Manikant eventually informed Koel and Maina about Chiku’s death certificate being found by someone in the house. Manikant is contacted by the hospital personnel, inquiring about his desire to speak with Dr. Desai regarding Chiku. However, he refuses to arrange a session and instead directs Koel and Maina to keep Titli in check so that their family secret does not come to light. Titli hangs precariously from the balcony and Garv attempts to extend his hand in aid, yet memories of a similar experience with Chiku wash over him, causing Titli’s grip to loosen.


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