Barsatein Hum Rahein Na Rahein 12th September 2023

Barsatein Hum Rahein Na Rahein 12th September 2023

Barsatein Hum Rahein Na Rahein 12th September 2023. Surili exclaims: “You were never pregnant? Tell me, why did you feel the need to do this?” When Swati doesn’t answer, she calls the doctor and inquires if there’s any chance of Swati being pregnant. On getting a negative response, she turns to Swati with a grateful thank you to the doctor. With teary eyes, Swati admits that she had no choice but to resort to such measures because of Surili. Surili expresses her understanding of the pain and bitterness that her sister is feeling and reassures her that she has never raced to gain the throne. She encourages her sister to do what’s right according to her heart, with love, and reassures her that she will be respected for it. She then inquires if her sister is proud of herself yet – to which the answer is probably ‘no’. Before concluding, Surili shares a brief explanation as to why she has done all this.



Alka insults Kimaya. Viren then exclaims that the Jindals should be taken to prison and Reyansh should call the cops. Malini refuses though, not wishing for her reputation to be affected by this. Alka commends her wisdom in understanding what could happen to Kimaya’s image, causing Angad to declare his love for her. Naresh tries to ruin the moment by insulting her, but Aradhna immediately puts a stop to it and scolds them all. Viren adds that daughters are indeed a source of pride for their parents.

Reyansh goes to Aradhna and expresses his relief that they have solved the case. She mentions his intent to visit Kimaya, knowing she would likely be stressed out. Reyansh then makes his way to Kimaya and finds her holding herself accountable for the situation. Aradhna follows suit and goes to comfort her. Aradhna queries if Kimaya is certain to elope with Angad. She guides Kimaya to Angad and helps them elope to make them succeed in their love story. Reyansh enquires about the rationale behind sending Kimaya along with Angad. Naresh intimidates that Kimaya will be dead, and shocks the family.


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