Bhagya Lakshmi Update Vikrant forces Lakshmi for marriage

Bhagya Lakshmi Update Vikrant forces Lakshmi for marriage

Bhagya Lakshmi News Vikrant forces Lakshmi for marriage. Rishi wants to find Lakshmi. He leaves his engagement with Malishka. He tries hard to trace Lakshmi. Lakshmi meets the robber who kidnapped her. The robber says that his boss will soon come and meet her. Lakshmi asks who is his boss. Vikrant and Saloni arrive there. Vikrant dresses up as a groom. Saloni brings the shagun. She asks Lakshmi to marry Vikrant. Vikrant asks Saloni to make Lakshmi ready for the marriage. Saloni asks Lakshmi to cooperate with them, or else she will see Vikrant’s wrath. Lakshmi refuses the marriage. Vikrant says that he isn’t seeking her consent and she has no option but to refuse. He gets mad to get Lakshmi. He wants to defeat Rishi. Saloni supports Vikrant in his madness.

She asks Lakshmi to marry Vikrant, who will not listen to anyone. She tells her that Vikrant has already kidnapped Ayush and Shalu, and if Lakshmi refuses to marry Vikrant, then he will not spare them. She asks Lakshmi to save Ayush and Shalu’s lives. She shows her the pictures. She asks Lakshmi to just do as Vikrant tells her. Lakshmi cries seeing Ayush and Shalu’s picture. She gets compelled to agree to the marriage. Lakshmi gets her savior Rishi.



Aradhna and Reyansh have a cute cake fight. He says that the cake is for Kimaya. Aradhna says that he is good at spoiling people’s mental balance. She calls him a toxic guy. She argues with him. She asks him to stay away. She spoils the cake. Reyansh says that she is very boring. They both pull the cake to take it first. Aradhna falls over the cake. She smears the cake on Reyansh’s face. They play with the cake and laugh at each other. Beena stops their kiddish fight, that’s spoiling her bakery.


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