Kundali Bhagya Kathaa Ankahee 2 Major twists

Kundali Bhagya Kathaa Ankahee 2 Major twists

Kundali Bhagya Kathaa Ankahee 2 Major twists. Rajveer meets Kavya and Palki. Shanaya flirts with Rajveer. Palki gets jealous seeing them. A lot of confusion arises in Palki and Rajveer’s love story. Gurpreet asks Shanaya what is she doing and why is she interfering with Rajveer and Palki’s love story. Shanaya doesn’t tell her the truth. Rajveer doesn’t tell Palki that he is just helping Shanaya. Palki feels bad. Preeta enters the Luthra house. She goes to meet Nidhi. They have a hit-and-miss. Preeta wants to find out the truth. Nidhi sees Preeta and tries to make her out of the house. She doesn’t want anyone to see Preeta. She is insecure that Karan and Preeta will unite. She can’t lose her place to Preeta.

Kathaa Ankahee:


Reet asks Maya to find the truth of Katha’s past. She gives a strong hint and is sure that it can break Katha and Viaan’s relationship. Maya gets friendly to Katha to extract the information from her. Katha tells her that she is going to leave the company on her own. Maya asks her if she wants to leave for the sake of Aarav’s treatment. She asks Katha how she managed to get one crore rupees for her son’s treatment when she couldn’t get a loan from the company. Maya goes to talk to Viaan.

She asks him if Katha came to ask him for a loan for her son’s cancer treatment. Viaan and Katha don’t answer Maya. They hold hands and leave. Maya tells Teji that only Ehsan can answer them and solve this riddle of one crore rupees. She asks Ehsan about the money withdrawn by Viaan. Ehsan checks the accounts and learns that Viaan has withdrawn the money. He calls Viaan and asks him if he has given one crore rupees to Katha. Viaan gets caught for his immoral act.


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