YRKKH Manjiri Finale twist Akshara heals Abhimanyu

YRKKH Manjiri Finale twist Akshara heals Abhimanyu

YRKKH Manjiri Finale twist Akshara heals Abhimanyu. Abhir sees Manjiri near the temple. He shouts to call her. He asks Muskaan to stop the car, they have to attend Manjiri who doesn’t seem right. Muskaan agrees. She then sees Kairav and Pallavi going in the car. Abhir worries that Manjiri isn’t well. Muskaan asks Abhir to sit quiet. She instructs the driver to follow Kairav’s car. Abhir prays for Manjiri’s safety. His prayer gets answered. Abhimanyu and Akshara find Manjiri. Muskaan misses to find Kairav. She gets upset. Abhimanyu brings Manjiri home. He regrets seeing her in trauma. Akshara wishes things to settle down. Goenkas worry for Akshara. They want to know where did she go and why. Akshara arrives home. She answers her tense family.

She tells that Manjiri got missing and everyone was worried for her. Abhir tells her that he has seen Manjiri and told Muskaan about it, but she didn’t stop the car to help Manjiri. Muskaan gets answerable to them. Manish questions Muskaan about her insensitivity. He doubts Muskaan’s intentions. Muskaan says that she didn’t think Abhir had seen Manjiri. She adds that she had to reach the office. Akshara feels bad that Muskaan hates Abhimanyu and Manjiri. She asks why did she ignore Manjiri. She calls it hatred. Muskaan tells that she made this mistake because of love.


She adds that she had seen Kairav with his manager Pallavi at the same instant and chose to follow them instead of helping Manjiri. She accuses Kairav of having an extra-marital affair with Pallavi. The family trusts Kairav and defends him. Muskaan tells them about Kairav and Pallavi’s lunch dates. Kairav tries to limit Muskaan. She tells that he has no answers because he is wrong. He asks Akshara to let him deal with Muskaan in private. He doesn’t want the family to face the drama. Neela calls up Akshara and asks her to convince Abhimanyu of her relative’s surgery. Akshara tells that she will speak to Abhimanyu.

She doesn’t talk about Muskaan and Kairav’s issues. Akshara wants to find a way to convince Abhimanyu. She also thinks to speak to Kairav and try to help him. Kairav feels he is unlucky in love. He says that Muskaan has no faith in him. He adds that he has no affair, he explained to Muskaan but she isn’t understanding. She tells that Muskaan loves him a lot so she is insecure. He wishes Muskaan understood the rapport between the colleagues. Akshara and Aarohi try to stop Abhimanyu from leaving the hospital. Abhimanyu refuses to perform the surgery. Akshara gets adamant. She tells that he shouldn’t lose his identity because of his guilt. She rebukes him for wasting his medical degree and expertise. She asks him not to become selfish.

He doesn’t have faith in him. She asks him to stop lying. She motivates him to move on by coming out of the guilt. Abhimanyu gets back to fight his guilt. He goes for the surgery. He also tries to help Manjiri cope with the trauma. Abhimanyu begins to develop feelings of love for Akshara. Will Abhimanyu be able to end Manjiri’s trauma? This track is going to end, and a new track of Abhira’s love story is coming up.


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