1 odd hug in YRKKH begins Abhira’s new love story

1 odd hug in YRKKH begins Abhira's new love story

1 odd hug in YRKKH begins Abhira’s new love story. Manjiri enters the kitchen and Akshara requests her to take control. Agreeing, she reassures them that she’ll manage everything. Akshara then queries about lighting the stove, making her anxious. However, Abhimanyu puts his hand on hers and calms Manjiri down by mentioning there’s water so she needn’t worry. Smirking, Akshara remarks that it’s up to Manjiri to handle the rest now, which she does efficiently, guiding Akshara as needed. Not doing well, Manjiri steps in to cook herself and the two of them smile.

Mahima inquires of Manjiri if she had made laddoos and, nodding, Manjiri confirms. Pleased for her sister’s accomplishment, Mahima praises Manjiri as brave. Manish adds that Manjiri was a fire in herself and she is just unafraid of fire. To this, Manjiri says Abhimanyu had encouraged her to overcome the fear which she had done successfully; however, she refutes that things spoiled because of him. Instead, she embraces him and expresses gratitude for saving many lives with his courage. In response, he declares her his brave mother while claiming her as the source of his courage.


Abhimanyu and Akshara observe Manjiri grinning, signifying the end of her worry. She agrees that life is now ideal. He confidently declares that with Bappa’s arrival, everything would be fine. Both of them embrace in joy. Dadi alerts Manish to witness their emotion. Abhimanyu and Akshara move away from them and dance with the children. Dadi remarks to Manish that she believes they are contented. Meanwhile, Manjiri watches them and hopes for their cheerfulness in her heart of hearts.

Abhimanyu and Akshara are uneasy reminiscing about their peculiar embrace. They make a pact to not hug again, when Abhir suddenly barges in enquiring who Akshara is addressing. To which she responds that she was reciting her case notes out loud in front of the mirror. Abhir then remembers he had something to discuss with Abhimanyu concerning his school event.


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