Anupama Malti rescues Pakhi Surprise for Kapadias

Anupama Malti rescues Pakhi; Surprise for Kapadias

Anupama Malti rescues Pakhi Surprise for Kapadias. Anupama instructs Romil to phone his friend, sharing that she had gone to Pakhi’s room but the girl was not there. Upon taking the call, Anupama inquires about Pakhi’s location. The boy reveals he had run away after hearing about the police and suggests they should look in the house as it is likely she returned home. Firmly, Anupama warns him if he does not provide her with the truth this is his last opportunity before facing arrest. Stupefied, Romil and Anupama hear that to stop Pakhi’s shouting, he gives her two or three sleeping pills mixed into water.

Anupama brings Romil back home, whereupon Adhik gets enraged and slaps him. He questions Romil about Pakhi’s whereabouts, to which Anuj adds to his inquiry by asking if he is okay. Anupama explains that Pakhi had been locked in a room and given sleeping pills, heading off into an unknown direction while being unconscious. Barkha then retorts accusing Romil of labeling her brother Adhik as the villain but now deeming his son as such. Ankush comes along to inquire more about the situation further and what has gone awry. Romil protests, insisting he had no intention to cause such a disturbance.


Adhik is doubtful of him, Barkha states that an arrest is warranted and Ankush instructs Anuj to call the Police. However, Romil continues to plead his innocence and Anuj eventually orders a search for Pakhi instead. Pakhi calls for help, and the goon promises to help. However, Anupama breaks down in tears. When Anuj points out that he had assured Pakhi would be unharmed, she folds her hands. Just as the goons advance towards her, Malti Devi appears and recalls what Anupama had said earlier. Sweety then arrives on the scene, and Malti takes Pakhi back home. On reuniting with her daughter, Anupama embraces her tightly while Malti declares she has found her.


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